Nokia Windows Phone devices to feature version 7.5 (Mango)

Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 devices are being tested according to Nokia’s Executive Vice President Kai Oistamo. The news comes via InfoSync and although the products are not completely ready for launch, it looks as though things are going well so far. In fact, Nokia and Microsoft have signed the agreement…

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Windows Phone 7 users’ data collected by Microsoft

Microsoft is collecting location data of all its Windows Phone 7 users, according to reports. The company is collecting the locations whenever a user transmits location data, although Microsoft has denied any of this information is stored on the device itself. According to CNET, Microsoft collects ‘a miniature data dump…

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Tiki Towers review (Windows Phone 7)

It can feel at times like the Xbox Live portion of Windows Phone 7 is in fact merely a clever way of being able to run a ‘best of iOS’ section without Microsoft having to pay Apple’s platform lip-service. The majority of games so far released on Zune bear up…

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New HTC Windows Phone 7 device makes an appearance

A brand new Windows Phone 7-powered HTC device, known as the HTC Mazaa, has appeared online. The image comes via XDA-Developers. According to the site’s source, the device is called the HTC Mazaa and will be powered by Windows Phone 7. At present, there’s no official word from HTC about…

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HTC’s 16 megapixel Windows Phone 7 mobile revealed

HTC obviously thinks eight megapixels just isn’t enough, as a 16 megapixel smartphone has been unveiled in a trailer. Doubling the highest megapixel camera HTC currently offers, the mystery snapper looks very much like the Desire S, with Windows Phone 7 hardware buttons grafted on. This could just be a…

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Windows Phone 7: The potential to be best

If there is one thing capable of getting a rise out of even the most reserved tech fan, it’s the Mac versus PC argument. You can be on the verge of becoming soul mates right up until the other party finds out the other person “favours the aesthetics of a…

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