Windows 10: 4 KEY Things Microsoft HAS To Get Right

Poor Microsoft. A decade ago they were the hottest computer company on the planet, but the proceeding years have seen their street cred drop rapidly among consumers who have switched from PCs to MacBooks, from Office to Google Docs, from Internet Explorer to Chrome. And that’s saying nothing of the…

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Snapchat For Windows Phone “Situation” Hits New Low

Snapchat has hit Windows Phone users with some tough news as it has begun clamping down on the vast amount of third-party apps on Microsoft devices. The company has forced a number of third-party Snapchat based apps off the market but there is still no news of an official app…

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What The HELL Is Microsoft Doing With Windows Phone?

Microsoft has a problem. That problem is no secret: as users become less and less reliant on traditional desktop computing — an area it has traditionally dominated — and begin to perform more tasks on mobile devices (phones, tablets) — where the company has not always, but has lately, struggled…

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