Best Tablets For 2017: Android, iOS & Windows 10

One of the reasons Apple’s iPad was so successful was that, like many Apple products, it captured the public’s imagination – commercially, at least, there hadn’t been anything quite like it aimed at consumers, and it promised a bright sci-fi-like experience full of exciting possibilities. The iPad introduced the idea…

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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Runs Android OR Windows 10

Xiaomi makes no bones about copying Apple. In fact, the company has largely made a name for itself by channeling Apple’s design philosophy into its vastly cheaper, mostly Android-powered phones and tablets. And that’s just fine: the company makes AWESOME hardware — just check out our recent Xiaomi RedMi Note…

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Say… WHAT! Windows 10 Mobile To Support Android Apps!?

Word on the street suggests Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 platform WILL support Android applications. No, really! According to multiple sources and the Twitterverse, Google will join Microsoft on stage at tomorrow’s big Windows 10 handset reveal. Have Microsoft and Google patched up their differences? Or is this more a case…

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How To Use Cortana Inside Windows 10

The biggest desktop operating system release of 2015 is Windows 10–it’s also the most radical overhaul to Windows in a decade. Microsoft has learned from its Vista mistakes and also taken the critical reception of Windows 7 and 8 to heart and brought back old trusted features of Windows–like the…

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