Microsoft CEO Admits Windows Phone Flagships Kinda Sucked

Microsoft CEO Statya Nadella has surprised tech correspondents by admitting the firm’s flagship phones are not particularly good. During an earnings call, Nadella talked a bit about Microsoft’s Windows 10 strategy moving forward, with particular emphasis on plans for the Windows Phone component and its mobile devices division. Speaking about…

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Microsoft Has A BUNCH of Windows 10 Phones Lined Up For 2015

For all intents and purposes it looked as if Microsoft’s Windows Phone campaign had died its final death in 2014. Nokia left the space following its acquisition by Microsoft, who, in turn, began to release budget handset after budget handset, much to the disdain of many hardcore Windows Phone fans. …

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Is THIS Microsoft’s FIRST Windows 10 Phone?

There may be a new Lumia flagship in the works, according to leaked details. Since Microsoft officially replaced the Nokia Lumia brand with the Microsoft Lumia brand we haven’t seen a great deal of activity from the acquired smartphone division that brought us so many colourful Windows phones. We’ve seen…

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Windows 10: 4 KEY Things Microsoft HAS To Get Right

Poor Microsoft. A decade ago they were the hottest computer company on the planet, but the proceeding years have seen their street cred drop rapidly among consumers who have switched from PCs to MacBooks, from Office to Google Docs, from Internet Explorer to Chrome. And that’s saying nothing of the…

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