Samsung Sales And Profit Figures Just Took A Dive

Korean firm warns of year-on-year drops Apple isn’t the only smartphone firm feeling the pinch right now – its rival Samsung has just issued guidance today warning that both revenue and profits for the three months ending December 31st, 2018 will be down when compared to the same time last…

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Spotted In The Flesh

We’ve already seen what the Samsung Galaxy S10 looks like thanks to leaks relating to third-party cases for the upcoming handset, but now we’re getting our first glimpse of the device in the flesh, thanks to one of those leaks that always seem to happen just before a high-profile phone…

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The Samsung Galaxy X Isn’t What We Expected After All

Ever since the news broke that Samsung was making a folding phone, it has been referred to as the ‘Galaxy X’ – a near-mythical device which could change everything as far as smartphone design is concerned. While Samsung certainly isn’t the only company making a folding phone, it’s arguably the…

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This Is What The Samsung Galaxy S10 Looks Like

Following weeks of rumours, we’ve finally got our first proper look at the Samsung Galaxy S10, courtesy of case maker Olixar (thanks, Mobile Fun). The company has issued a series of images showing off its case designs for the Galaxy S10 range, and these naturally show the phone itself in…

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Samsung Just Partnered With A Fake Fashion Brand

The world of fashion is pretty crazy at the best of times, but a recent promotional event in China has taken this to the next level. Korean giant Samsung announced via a live stream that it was collaborating with popular fashion brand Supreme the other day, a move which, in…

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