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OS X Wish List: 8 Features OS X 10.11 Needs

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is less than a month away. It used to be WWDC was just a conference for developers, yet in recent years it’s become a media and fandom event. That’s because, though Apple doesn’t unveil any new iOS devices at the event, they always show off…

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10 Hidden Apple Watch Features You Need To Know

The Apple Watch is now kinda mature. It’s been around for awhile, Apple’s sold millions of them, and the space – which Apple joined late – is now all-but dominated by the company’s riff on the smart watch. Whether you just want a watch with more functionality, or a fitness tracking AND…

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iPhone 6 Plus vs LG G4: Two AWESOME Phablets Compared

Just when you think Apple’s got a hold on the mobile market with its revamped iPhone 6 and collosal iPhone 6 Plus and not one, but two big Korean rivals rock up with compelling alternatives. Last year Apple successfully fought off the lacklustre Samsung Galaxy S5, but in 2015 as…

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