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What’s The Best Android Phone of 2016 So Far?

Last year — 2015 — was a pretty forgettable year in the mobile space. Everything looked and felt pretty incremental. Everybody was apparently playing it safe, releasing cookie-cutter updates of what they’d done in 2014, just with new internals and a few tweaks here and there. Apple’s releases were dull.…

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LG G5 Cam Plus And Hi-Fi Plus Review: Modular Marvels?

The recent confirmation that Google is charging ahead with its Ara modular smartphone concept may have triggered public interest in the idea of a smartphone you can take part and put back together again, but it’s important to remember that LG has already got on phone on sale that does…

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Google Play CONFIRMED For ChromeOS, Landing June/July 2016

Google I/O 2016 is winding down but there’s still little snippets of joy emerging about Google’s plans for the rest of the year and beyond. At the big developer conference this year Google held a session entitled “Coming to a Chromebook Near You”, in which it revealed that the Google…

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