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Nubia Red Magic 3 Review – The Gaming Phone For Everyone

When the likes of Razer and Asus began releasing ‘dedicated’ gaming phones a short while back, it was tempting to surmise that this trend would be a short-lived one. After all, if Sony couldn’t break the market with its Xperia Play “PlayStation Phone”, what hope was there for anyone else?…

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iPad Pro Review: Can It Replace Your Laptop?

We reassess 2018’s biggest tablet in 2019… When Apple launched the shiny new iPad Pro late last year, it made a big deal about how the device blurred the lines between tablet and laptop. With its powerful Bionic A12X processor, this is an iPad that can legitimately challenge the best…

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Honor 10 Lite Review – A Budget Bargain

The recent kerfuffle between the North American government and Huawei is stealing the headlines in the smartphone world and sadly overshadowing some pretty amazing pieces of technology, one of which is the 10 Lite, a low-cost Android handset from Huawei’s budget brand, Honor. While it lacks some of the creature…

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UAG iPad Pro Scout Case Review – Military Protection

A must for any self-respecting iPad owner Urban Armor Gear is famous for its range of rugged, military-tested phone cases which offer an incredible degree of protection for those £1000 gadgets we keep in our pockets. However, those of you who have just picked up an iPad Pro will be…

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EOZ Air Review – Good Things Come In Small Packages

EOZ isn’t a household name in the world of consumer tech just yet, but the company made some waves when it successfully crowdfunded its first pair of headphones, the EOZ One. The EOZ Air are the firm’s latest pair of cans, and they aim to provide a seamless wireless audio…

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Mixcder E9 Review – Impressive Features For A Budget Price

ANC, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack – all for £55 Mixcder might not be a company you’ve heard of before, but this US-based audio equipment maker has been around for longer than you might think, and has carved out a relatively successful niche when it comes to low-cost headphones. We’ve…

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