iPhone 6 Running iOS 8 Leaked By TMZ

The iPhone 6 could hardly be described as being shrouded in mystery, but so far we’ve yet to see a REALLY good image of it running Apple’s upcoming iOS 8 software. At least, that was the case until TMZ waded in with an absolutely massive leak, showing the iPhone 6…

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Bringing BioShock To iPhone & iPad: How & Why 2K Did It

2K surprised everyone when it announced classic horror first-person-shooter BioShock would be coming to iOS devices. The first title in the BioShock series will be getting a port to both iPhone and iPad and will be available before the end of the year.  For it to work, there are some…

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iPhone 6 Has Entered Full Production, Expected September 9

September is set to be a huge month for smartphones with the release of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, the Blackberry Passport and the next generation Moto X all due to be released.  Reports are surfacing that the iPhone 6 will be announced on September…

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Facebook Now Crashes 50% Less On iPhones & iPads

For iPhone users, Facebook crashing was a regular occurrence – a day just wouldn’t be the same without having to restart the app in order to view your newsfeed. However, the winds of change have blown, and the engineers of Facebook have managed to squash a major bug causing the…

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