iPhone App Helps You Rap Like Tinie Tempah

A new iPhone app lets you lip-sync along to tracks by British rap star Tinie Tempah. The app automatically detects songs from Tinie’s new album and automatically lip-syncs to an image of his lips rapping. It’s called Rap Demonstration, you can download it here, and it indentifies any song from…

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Sochi 2014 Olympics: Best iPhone & iPad Apps

It seems like only yesterday London was the center of the universe when we had the honour of hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. But alas our time has faded and now it’s Russia’s turn. The Opening Ceremony for this year’s games will commence this Friday, February 7th. The games will…

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iPhone 5C “Bursts Into Flames” and Injures Student

An American teenager has suffered first and second degree burns after her iPhone 5C burst into flames whilst in school. The student from Maine had the iPhone in her back pocket when it set her trousers alight. The young girl was in class at Kennebunk Middle School when she heard a…

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iOS 7.0.5 Update Hitting iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c

Apple has initiated the rollout of a minor iOS update for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets. The update – iOS 7.0.5 – is now live and available for download in some regions. It’s not a major update, however, so don’t go feeling left out if you’re not rocking one of…

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