How To Take Better iPhone Pictures (In 5 Simple Steps)

#1) Use The Rule of Thirds Grid There’s a tenet in photography called the “rule of thirds.” Basically, it states that if you divide your shot into nine imaginary grids by placing three horizontal and three vertical lines “over” the image and keep the subjects of your shots sequestered to…

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Resetting iPhone vs Restoring iPhone – What’s The Difference!?

I often get asked what the difference is between restoring and resetting an iPhone. I’ve also seen a lot of people seriously mess up their iPhones because they chose the wrong method and/or didn’t follow all the appropriate steps correctly. So, whatever the reason you want to restore/reset your iPhone…

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iOS 12 Best New Features For iPhone (And iPad, Too!)

iOS 12 Best New Features – Our #1 Favorite New Additions…  #1) Performance Improvements While not the flashiest update, iOS 12 is going to bring huge performance improvements to older devices. And I for one welcome this, even though I use an iPhone X. That’s because I’m sick of the…

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