How To Stop Apps From Tracking Your iPhone’s Location

Stop iPhone Apps From Tracking Location The latest versions of iOS has a multi-level location permission structure. It allows you to grant an app access to your location data with any of the three following permissions: Never: this means the app will never be allowed to access your location data.…

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Wi-Fi Calling On The iPhone: How To Use It (In 4 Steps)

Wi-Fi Calling is probably a term you’ve heard thrown around for a while now–and you’ve most likely been wondering if your iPhone supports Wi-Fi Calling. The good news is all modern iPhones support Wi-Fi Calling. But just what is a Wi-Fi call you ask? Many people assume it’s simply a…

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The REAL Reason Why Your iPhone ALWAYS Dies At 25%

Does your iPhone always die with around 25% of juice left in the tank? Yep? Mine too. And my girlfriend’s. Ditto my friends’ and my parents’ iPhones as well. The next question is why? Why the hell does this happen when you have around 25% of juice left in your…

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Bluetooth Problems – The #1 Causes & How To Fix Them

Bluetooth has been around, in one form or another, for 20 years – so why is it still so damn unreliable!? The death of the headphone jack has been widely discussed, debated, and written about over the past several years. Apple kicked off the trend by removing the headphone jack from…

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