Google Home Updated With Google Play Music Streaming Integration

Google has now tweaked its Google Home smart speaker and its backend services with a very interesting change – full streaming support and integration of Google Play Music. Until now, Google Home has only supported its own segregated catalogue of on-demand music streaming, but from now onwards it will be…

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Fancy Running Google’s Pixel Launcher on Your Galaxy S8?

Stock Android is a beautiful thing. It’s clean, beautifully styled and looks WAY better than any of the custom skins used by Samsung, LG, HTC or Huawei. Thing is: in order to get Google’s Pixel launcher on a phone, you kind of need to buy a Google Pixel… or download…

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Google Home vs. Apple HomePod: Does Siri Have The Power?

They already compete in so many areas—operating systems, phones, and online services—but now Google and Apple are adding a new area of competition to the mix: smart speakers. Here, Google has a massive head start on Apple, with its Google Home speaker released in November 2016. Apple’s new smart speaker,…

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