HTC U11 Plus WILL Go Head-To-Head With Google Pixel 2 XL

According to a new report, despite selling off its Pixel development team to Google, HTC is by no means finished with creating its own devices to compete with the rest of the market. Allegedly the company is creating a bigger, badder version of this year’s HTC U11, dubbed appropriately enough…

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Google Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2 LEAK: Renders, Colours, Prices!

New leaks of the Pixel 2 series have emerged showcasing the design and a selection of colour options. The images, which have an official look to them, show the design more or less conforms with what we’ve seen previously leaked, which on the whole is similar to the first-gen Pixels…

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Google Pixel 2 WILL Use Current Snapdragon 835 CPU

With all the talk about the iPhone X Edition and Essential Phone, one could forget that we’re getting very close the launch of Google’s Pixel 2 handsets. During the past few months, we’ve seen multiple leaks about the handset, detailing its specs and hardware, but the one rumor that is…

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Google JUST Bought HTC’s Pixel Team For $1.1 BILLION

UPDATE: Google JUST Bought HTC’s Pixel Team For $1.1 BILLION  We knew it was coming and now it has happened; Google is sort of acquired HTC, though the actual details of the merger – or partnership – are a little more complex than initial reports suggested. Google hasn’t bought HTC lock, stock, and…

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