Clean Master App For Android: Should You Be Using It?

There are two things that can really slow down our smartphones: system junk and any kind of malicious spyware or adware. That’s why many Android users have resorted to using any one of hundreds of the available utility apps for their smartphone. These utility apps claim to not only speed…

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How To Set Up Google Wallet For Android Mobile Payments

The iPhone 6 was the first phone from Apple to truly embrace mobile payments. It will also be the first iPhone in history to use NFC, a feature now widely used on Android and Windows Phone handsets. And the reason for ALL of this is mobile payments – Apple’s next…

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The 10 Best AirPlay Apps For Android (My #1 Picks)

Running Android, but what to use Apple’s AirPlay protocol? No problem! Check out these awesome AirPlay apps for Android… The #1 Best AirPlay Apps For Android AllConnect – Play & Stream Zappo TV LocalCast for Chromecast AirPin PRO Twonky Beam AllCast AirSync DS Video Double Twist iMediaShare Lite Things To…

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Why The Pixel 3a is Most Likely Google’s Future

When you consider that Google holds the keys to the world’s most popular mobile operating system, it’s remarkable that the company has such a tiny share of the global smartphone market. Sure, it’s Pixel line of devices regularly gain rave reviews, but they sell a small fraction of what their…

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