Why The Pixel 3a is Most Likely Google’s Future

When you consider that Google holds the keys to the world’s most popular mobile operating system, it’s remarkable that the company has such a tiny share of the global smartphone market. Sure, it’s Pixel line of devices regularly gain rave reviews, but they sell a small fraction of what their…

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Best VPN For Android: My #1 Pick For 2019

Having a VPN up and running on your Android phone is like having an extra layer of security for your device. A good VPN not only hides your location but also ensures your browsing data stays secure. Do NOT be tempted by free VPNs; they’re free for a reason and…

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Tasker 5.8 Update Adds A Bunch of New Automations

Tasker is one of the most popular advanced Android applications on the planet with over a million downloads. And the Tasker 5.8 update just made it even better… A new update for the ultra-popular Android automation app, Tasker, has landed. This latest version, Tasker 5.8, brings with it a host…

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