Android Turns 10 Years Old! Here’s 5 CLASSIC Android Phones

Android turns 10 this week, marking a full decade of the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Originally envisaged as a BlackBerry-style experience which focused on physical keys, Android would evolve following the launch of the all-screen iPhone in 2007 and has become, over time, Apple’s biggest competitor in the…

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Install Android Pie Update Beta on OnePlus 6 | 4 Easy Steps

OnePlus has just announced its Android 9 Pie beta program for the OnePlus 6, which means if you’re rocking a OnePlus 6 you can now installed Android Pie! How To Install The Android 9 Pie Beta on OnePlus 6 Download OnePlus’s Open Beta (HERE) onto your OnePlus 6  Once Downloaded,…

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Huawei P20 PRO WILL Be First In Line For Android Pie Update

The speed with which Android phone makers roll out new Android updates is tedious at best. Normally it takes MONTHS. But Huawei is keen on bucking this trend with the Huawei P20; reports suggest Android Pie could start rolling out to the phone within the next couple of weeks. Or……

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The Best Podcast Apps For Android

For those not in the know, a “podcast” refers to episodic content that is usually free to download. Podcasts can be professionally produced–like those from the BBC–or done by amateurs and enthusiasts and cover almost every conceivable topic from current events to sports to comic books and tech. Its name…

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