Best iPhone XR Cases: The #1 Definitive Guide (All Styles & Budgets)

by | 18/11/2019 2:53 pm
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Our #1 Picks For The Top iPhone XR Cases

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Best iPhone XR Case Brands

As with most things in life, with iPhone XR cases – and phone cases in general – you tend to get what you pay for. iPhones aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to ensure that yours remains in good condition while you use it. And for this, you will need a case.

The main reason for using a case for your iPhone XR is simple: it’ll keep the handset protected from drops and scratches. And this will help you get more money for it should you decide to sell it one day. No one will pay top dollar for a scuffed and scratched iPhone. No matter how old it is.

My personal favorite iPhone case maker in general, meaning the one I tend to use for all my phones, is Casetify – they do tons of awesome designs, even custom options, as well as partner with up-and-coming artists for collaborations (I’ve included some images of this below).

When it comes to a case, you need premium build materials and solid design. If you don’t have this, your phone will be prone to cracks and scuffs.

This is why phone cases matter. And right now, the following iPhone XR case brands are the ones we use, trust, and love the most.

  • Casetify (View Deals) Casetify makes a range of awesome iPhone XR cases. They all look great and work brilliantly. Casetify is fast-becoming one of our preferred brands for iPhone cases. And the reason is simple: it makes high-quality, well-priced cases that not only look amazing but completely protect your iPhone for damage.
  • MOUS (View Deals) MOUS is perhaps the coolest and most well-known iPhone case maker right now. It makes a range of premium, brilliant-looking cases for the iPhone XR, as well as Apple’s other iPhones. If you want the best quality case possible, made from the best materials, with the best technology inside it, MOUS is where you go.
  • Urban Armor (View Deals) Looking for insane-levels of protection? Urban Armor is where you go. Designed for those that like their sports extreme, Urban Armor makes iPhone cases that could probably survive a meteor strike. On top of this, its cases look and feel great. If you’re into extreme sports, Urban Armor is the one to go for.
  • Otterbox (View Deals)Otterbox makes stylish iPhone cases of all shapes and sizes. Its specialty is the depth of options it gives to – Otterbox does everything from minimalist cases to rugged, water-proof ones and everything else in between. Premium, well-made, and lots of options. What more could you want?
  • Incipio (View Deals) Incipio has been around since 1999, and in that time it has sold millions of cases and won plenty of awards. It makes a ton of awesome iPhone cases, offering a huge selection of different styles and types. The big idea here is choice; whatever your budget or style preference, Incipio has you covered.

How To Design Your Own iPhone XR Case

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What if you want something truly unique? Did you know that you can design your own iPhone XR case? Casetify now offers a service, whereby you can design your very own iPhone XR case from the ground-up. And best of all? It only costs $35 and includes free shipping!

You have loads of customization options too; Casetify lets you pick the color, add text, change the patterns – basically, whatever you fancy. The end result is totally bespoke and unlike anything else out there, so if you want something original-looking protecting your iPhone XR, then this is definitely worth a look. Check out the custom iPhone XR case builder here. 

It’s not just for iPhone XR though. Casetify’s phone case designer works on all iPhone models – from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. So whatever iPhone model you’re using, Casetify will let you design a bespoke case for it, giving you market-leading protection and totally unique styling in one package.

Our Current #1 Favorite iPhone XR Case Right Now?

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The Awesome MOUS iPhone XR Clear Case – Easily The #1 iPhone XR Case You Can Buy Right Now.

MOUS iPhone XR Clear Case ($54.99/Amazon)

  • #1 For Protection & Keeps Design Visible
  • Qi Charging
  • UV-Resistant, Won’t Bleach In Sunlight
  • Lightweight
  • Best Place To Buy? Amazon – $54.99

Because we’re talking about the iPhone XR here, and because the iPhone XR’s whole deal is being available in a range of color options, I kind of have to go with a clear case option, so you can still see its colored back-panel and Apple logo.

And that case? Simple: the MOUS iPhone XR Clear Case. It’s a beautifully designed iPhone XR case that protects but doesn’t hide all of the XR’s core design elements – including its color. The use of advanced, premium materials ensures the finish is as clear as water. Up close, you won’t be able to tell it’s even there.

The MOUS iPhone XR Clear Case features AIROSHOCK, which dampens the shock from drops and falls. This will ensure that no cracks or dents happen, should you accidentally fumble your iPhone XR. On top of this, the case also features built-in Qi charging which is compatible with all Qi chargers and MOUS accessories.

You know how clear cases can sometimes go off-color and a bit, well… yellow? MOUS has developed a technology to stop this from happening. The built-in anti-yellowing UV protection layer means that even if you spend your days wandering the desert, your iPhone XR case will never discolor. This case is also available for the iPhone X/XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR.


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