Samsung Galaxy S4: where’s the 32GB and 64GB versions?

News Richard Goodwin 09:36, 29 Apr 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in the UK – but the 32GB and 64GB variants are nowhere to be seen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will begin shipping out to consumers this weekend, although higher-than-expected demand for the handset has resulted in supply shortages prompting many networks to issue warnings over potential delays.

Samsung released an official statement concerning the shortages:

‘Due to overwhelming global demand for Galaxy S4, the initial supply may be limited. We expect to fulfill inventory to meet demands in the coming weeks.’

Networks are also experiencing supply problems. On O2’s official product page it posted a warning to buyers:

‘Availability of pre-orders for delivery on 26th April has now run out. If you pre-order from now on you will not be eligible to receive your phone on launch day. Mainland UK orders received before the date and time this message was posted will still receive their pre-order on launch day’.

But that’s not the only issue surrounding the handset. Our checks with networks and retailers have revealed that no one is stocking the 32GB version of the Galaxy S4 meaning you’re paying £579.99 for device with just 16GB of storage. 

SD-support comes built in of course but for the asking price of almost £600, you’d expect slightly more internal storage. The 16GB iPhone 5, for instance, costs £529 whereas the 32GB HTC One will set you back £529.99.

Expansys could not confirm what was happening with the 32GB version, and we’re still waiting for comment back from Samsung. 

In the US there are still some questions that consumers have about its release, namely, where the 32GB and the 64GB Galaxy S4 models are and whether they will ever be arriving at all, reports Gotta Be Mobile.

AT&T told the site 64GB versions would be ‘coming soon.’

None of the UK’s major networks have commented on the issue.

Samsung is on 'lock down' over the issue, one UK retailer told Know Your Mobile. 

We’ll update once we know more. 


Samsung has now provided comment on the above. According to the company it is the channel [networks and retailers] that decide what storage variety of the Galaxy S4 they carry, implying there is nothing array about the current lack of higher storage models in the UK.


No 32GB & 64GB Samsung Galaxy S4 units for UK? 

A large name UK retailer that wishes to remain unnamed just updated us with the following statement which it sourced from an official Samsung supplier: 

'Only the 16GB [SIM free] will be the released unit. Don’t currently have any information on 32GB or 64GB…or even if there will be anything available.'

Know Your Mobile has put the question back to Samsung in the hope we’ll get some clear answers back regarding whether or not the UK will see 32GB and 64GB versions of the Galaxy S4.

At present it’s not looking very likely. Also, if the 16GB version costs £579.99 SIM-free how much is the 32GB and 64GB going to cost? 

The mind continues to boggle. More news as we get it... 

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This contradicts what and other retailers think.

They say that they cannot get any 32Gb or 64Gb versions. A quick check with other retailers selling SIM free models reveals that nobody is offering the 32Gb or 64Gb models. With the bundled apps using a significant slice of the onboard memory then the larger memory versions are more desirable than the 16Gb basic version. In addition, the onboard memory is faster than using a microSD card.

Clove have commented on the amount of memory used for bundled software on the S4 - all the more reason to find out the truth about 32Gb and 64Gb availability.

If Samsung are saying there is nothing wrong with sellers obtaining the larger 32/64GB models then why do Samsung impose minimum orders on sellers which due to high costs prevent sellers from obtaining the larger models.
Samsung should offer all storage models either direct from their online store or from the high street.

I was going to go for an S4 but due to lack of memory its going to be the HTC one now. Already been rooted and 32GB that'll do for me.

So sad. If Samsung have the guts to announce 32gb and 64gb, they better release it for the customer, carrier or online store otherwise.

32GB is available in South Korea now, but only with a contract.

Yeah its bad that its advertised as a 16gb device but u can only use half... but in comparison I used to have a sony xperia neo that only had 320mb of internal storage, it wasn't comfortable but I managed. I can happily live with 9GB of internal storage because I can never imagine using that much, I download relatively small apps, aside from a couple of large games and some smaller ones. Yeah you cant move apps to the memory card anymore but its made them a lot more stable and stops crashing as much, also whos going to fill 64gb worth of pictures movies and songs on a mobile phone? 64gb worth of apps is even more ridiculous it would run down the processor and RAM just by displaying them on the screen. So the smallest option out of the 16, 32 and 64GB may be the best way forward.

I curently have an S1 that I bought out right some years ago and have been waiting for the 32gb or 64gb UK version of the S4; I expected them to arrive a week or two after the 16gb version was available. I am really pissed off since it looks as if it will not be available in the UK. I will have to look to another manufacturer, one that is not so short sighted.....

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