How To Speed Up Video On iPhone: The SIMPLE Way

If you download the free iMovie app, you can speed up video on iPhone without much hassle.

Wondering how to speed up video on iPhone? In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the steps. Let’s get started…

How To Speed Up Video On iPhone: The SIMPLE Way
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Why Speed Up Video On iPhone?

Before delving into the how, let’s address the WHY people may want to speed up video on iPhone. The usual reason is that people want to create a comedic effect with some type of action in their video.

When video is sped up, depending upon the action, it can make events in the video look pretty funny. This is because there’s a disconnect between how long we think something will take and how long it actually takes in the video we are watching.

A sped-up video can also make the action in it seem more dramatic. For example, say you are making a home movie of a fistfight between two cowboys. By speeding up when they swing their fists, it can make it look like each cowboy is applying much more force than either of the actors actually are.

How To Speed Up Video On iPhone: Requirements

You will need a few things before you can speed up video on the iPhone.

  • An iPhone capable of video editing. This is pretty easy. Most iPhones made in the last decade have more than enough processing and graphics power to speed up video.
  • The latest version of iOS. It’s always best when the iPhone you have is running the latest version of the iOS that it can run.
  • The free iMovie app. You’ll need to download the free iMovie app from Apple onto your iPhone. You can download the iMovie app here.
  • And of course, you’ll need video that you want to be sped up. This means you’ll need to go out and shoot some video with your iPhone.

Got all that? Let’s move on then…

How To Speed Up Video On iPhone: Using iMovie

The easiest way to speed up video on iPhone is by using the iMovie app. iMovie is a free iPhone and Mac app made by Apple. It’s one of the oldest apps Apple makes. It used to be Mac-only, but iPhones have gotten so powerful that they have no problem running video editing apps now.

Once you’ve downloaded iMovie to your iPhone, do the following:

And that’s how you speed up video on iPhone using the iMovie app.

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Michael Grothaus

Apple expert and novelist, Michael Grothaus has been covering tech on KnowYourMobile for the best part of 10 years. Prior to this, he worked at Apple. And before that, he was a film journalist. Michael is a published author; his book Epiphany Jones was voted as one of the best novels about Hollywood by Entertainment Weekly. Michael is also a writer at other publications including VICE and Fast Company.
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