How To Install Google Play on Huawei Phones (The #1 Methods)

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 03/18/20 •  3 min read

Trump blocked Huawei from using Google’s core Android services. But what Trump doesn’t know can’t hurt him – here’s how to install Google Play on a Huawei phone…

If you live in China and use Huawei phones, you don’t get access to the Google Play Store – or any of Google’s core apps, for that matter. That’s been the case since day one. And most Chinese people are totally fine with this (apparently)…

However, in 2019 things took a turn for the worse. Up until 2020, all Huawei phones came with Google services – things like Google Play, Google Search, Gmail, and Chrome. From 2020 onwards, however, no new Huawei hardware will run Google applications.

And, yes, that includes the incoming Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro.

Why? The US government, fearful over Chinese spying, has blocked Huawei from using Google’s Mobile Services. This means no Google Play and no Google apps on any Huawei phones from here on out…

But thanks to Android’s open-source nature, there are a couple of ways around this which we’ll cover over in more detail below. As always: this isn’t official and I don’t think you’re technically allowed to do it, so as always proceed with caution. Got it? Good. Let’s crack on…

How To Install Google Play on Huawei Phone

When it comes to installing Google Play on Huawei phones that do not come with Google Mobile Services, you have two potential options. And these are as follows:

#1 – Download Google Play & Install Via APK

#2 – Installing Google Play Store Via GSM Installer

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How To Install Google Play on Huawei Phones
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