How To Delete Your Google & Gmail Account

By Jake McEvoy •  Updated: 09/09/21 •  5 min read

Whether you’ve finished with their services because you’ve found a preferential provider or you plan to create a fresh new account, you may want to delete your Google & Gmail account. Here’s how

Although email and internet account services are amongst the best in the world when provided by Google, there are certainly a number of other providers out there.

You may have found yourself having to use a different email provider at work and this has more or less rendered your Gmail redundant. Or, you may have simply found another provider that better suits your work style and preferences.

Maybe you don’t want your data being saved anymore, or maybe you want to go back to a more organic, simple browser experience. Whatever the reason for you wanting to delete your Google and Gmail accounts, here’s how to do it:

How To Delete Your Gmail Account

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Whether you prefer another email provider or wish to start over with a new Gmail account, for whatever reason that may be, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure to delete your Gmail account.

It’s important that you know that a Gmail account deletion is irreversible, though.

All of your emails and account settings will be deleted once you’ve completed the process and you won’t be able to send or receive emails using your Gmail address. The address also won’t be made available again in the future, so you won’t even be able to return to it without the data.

On the plus side, removing a Gmail account does not result in the deletion of the Google Account with which the email address is related and linked.

All other Google Account services, such as Google Drive, your Google calendar, Google Play, and others, will remain accessible. In the future, Gmail will require you to enter an additional email address to login into your Google Account.

So, here’s a 10-step guide to permanently deleting your Gmail account:

How To Delete Your Google Account

A Google Account is a set of login credentials that may be used to log in to Google consumer apps such as Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Maps, but it doesn’t have to finish in

A person can create a Google account using a email address, for example. They can create, edit, and collaborate on Google Docs without using Gmail if they use this account.

There are additional procedures to follow if you wish to delete your whole Google Account rather than just your email address.

When you delete an entire Google Account, you lose access to your Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Photos accounts, as well as subscriptions paid on YouTube and Google Play with that account, such as your apps, etc.

If the terminated Google Account is synchronized with a Google Chrome browser, the browser’s data, including bookmarks, will be removed too.

The 5 Best Free Gmail Alternatives

Gmail has dominated the email industry owing to its user-friendly design, near-infinite storage, and a robust set of free productivity tools.

However, there are major privacy issues about how Google utilizes your emails, and not everyone likes the Gmail layout, so you might want to look into some Gmail substitutes.

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