How Disney Plus Group Watch Works: Everything You Need to Know

Wondering how Disney Plus Group Watch works? Do you want to stream a movie or TV show with friends on Disney Plus? Here’s the right way to do it…

Disney Plus GroupWatch is very easy to use on smart devices like Smart TVs, laptops, and Android or iOS devices through Disney mobile app. With a simple click from the Disney mobile app or website, you can start a GroupWatch and stream your favorite movie or TV show with up to 6 friends!

Disney GroupWatch allows people to have the same viewing experience, even when they are not together. GroupWatch allows up to 6 users to watch a stream together. Also, users in GroupWatch can easily control the streams through features like pause, play, rewind, and more.

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Can You Watch Disney Plus Together With Friends?

Group Watch is among the trending features on Disney Plus because it allows subscribers to watch streams remotely with a group of friends. By navigating to the GroupWatch icon near a movie or TV show and following the required processes, you can easily watch Disney Plus together with friends.

How to Do Group Watch On Disney Plus?

It is very easy to use the trending Disney Plus GroupWatch feature through a smart device with a stable internet connection and a valid subscription to Disney Plus.

Here is a simple explanation of how Disney Plus GroupWatch works:

  1. You can open group streaming on the Disney Plus website or mobile app on Android and iOS devices. You need to start the group on a mobile device or Disney Plus website before watching on other streaming devices like TVs.
  2. On the Disney Plus website, search for a movie or TV show and click on it.
  3. Navigate to the outline of three people (GroupWatch icon) on the movie page and click on it.
  4. Invite people with a Disney Plus subscription to watch the stream together.
  5. Inputting your friend’s details on the invitation page will notify them instantly.
  6. Wait for them to join before starting the movie or TV show on Disney Plus.
  7. Once you start the group on your mobile device or Disney website, you can easily open the Disney app on your TV and click the group icon to stream the content.

While watching, you and your friends can react to the streaming content with any of the six emojis. If a user reacts to the streaming content with an emoji, it will display across the screen of other viewers in the group.

Can you group Disney Plus without a subscription?

You can’t group Disney Plus without a subscription. You will need a Disney Plus subscription for inviting friends to watch movies or TV shows with the Group Watch feature. However, Disney + allows up to four different profiles to stream together from one account.

How Many Devices Can You Watch Disney + On?

With a single subscription, you can create four different profiles to watch on devices simultaneously. For example, another person can watch a different movie or TV show from another device using any of the profiles while you are watching something else. 

Does Disney Plus Group Watch Support Chat?

Disney Plus Group Watch does not support any chat feature right now. The GroupWatch feature works on more than one device with no extension or app for chatting with friends while streaming. However, viewers have the option of reacting to the content with an emoji.

Are You Unable to Join a Disney Plus GroupWatch?

Some people find it hard to join a Disney Plus GroupWatch because of several factors. Don’t fret because these issues are easy to fix with steps like:

  1. Only seven people can GroupWatch a stream at once, including the people who started the group. So, if you can’t join a Disney Plus GroupWatch, it might be because seven people have already joined the group.
  2. If a GroupWatch has ended, you won’t be able to join it.
  3. If you are streaming with a single Disney Plus account, only four profiles are supported.
  4. Disney Plus has content restrictions in some countries. So, you won’t be able to GroupWatch restricted content in your country, even if you are invited to the stream.
  5. Also, you have to know that new movies often require subscribers to have Premier Access before they can stream them. So, only people who have paid for the movie can stream it on a GroupWatch.

Disney Plus is bringing a lot of gems to their subscribers, and the GroupWatch feature is only the beginning!

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