Initial reviews of the Nothing Phone 1 have been very positive, but if you do a little digging you will find that all is not as it seems – there are some pretty serious issues with the phone…

The Nothing Phone 1 is currently the darling of the tech-sphere. Reviews of the budget Android phone have been largely positive with reviewers citing its exciting design, unique features, and aggressive pricing. But not all is as it seems – there are quite a few reported issues with the phone.

And a lot of these issues have not been widely reported which is odd. I haven’t tested the phone yet, so I cannot attest to its quality and/or these alleged issues but with the hype around the phone now at its highest, I think it is important to cover any potential issues and problems with the Nothing Phone 1.

Nothing Phone 1 Issues & Bugs

First-generation products always tend to be a little, umm… glitchy. This is the main reason why I usually avoid them. As expected, there does appear to be quite a few software-related issues with the Nothing Phone 1, with one reviewer claiming its operating system is not ready for use by the public.

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Google Pay, for instance, does not work and could not be set up. The reason? The Nothing Phone 1 apparently doesn’t meet the payment platform’s security standards. Now, this should potentially be a pretty easy fix – it’s a software bug, after all – but it is certainly odd that Nothing is shipping the phone with this rather large bug.

Other Notable Nothing Phone 1 Complaints

  • Auto-rotate doesn’t work;
  • Ghost touches common across Nothing OS;
  • The camera app opens randomly;
  • And finally, there are multiple issues with the display

These aren’t massive issues, and most can and will be fixed by future updates but it is odd that Nothing would ship phones out to reviewers with these kinds of bugs present. The Google Pay issue is, of course, the biggest problem right now – that functionality is integral to many of our daily routines.

Other random issues and complaints, most of which I found cruising Twitter and Reddit, claim the phone has dead pixels, a green tint to the display, and issues with the Glyph LED light strip, where elements of the actual strip are peeling off after less and weeks’ worth of usage.

Again, none of these are what I would call “endemic” issues but they are worth noting if you’re planning on getting this phone.

Nothing released its first update for the Nothing Phone 1 earlier this week. The update is designed to target some of the known issues – mostly display-related ones – affecting the phone. The update also brings with its HDR10+ support and battery life improvements.

Again, I do not have the phone myself, so I cannot confirm whether the first Nothing OS fixes any of the aforementioned issues. The inclusion of HDR10+ support and improved battery life, however, will no doubt be welcome.

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