Will The Motorola Edge 2022 Get Android 14 & Android 15 Update?

Motorola’s Android support leaves quite a lot to be desired. But will the Motorola Edge 2022 get Android 14 and even Android 15?

TL;DR: The Motorola Edge 2022 finally received Android 13, over a year late, which is slower than expected even for Motorola. The device is confirmed to receive Android 14 and 15, but the timeline for these updates is uncertain and could be lengthy.

Motorola’s update speed significantly lags behind competitors like Google and Samsung, who offer up to 7 years of support, and OnePlus, with 5 years for their devices. Motorola needs to improve its update strategy to stay competitive.

The Motorola Edge 2022 is now running a stable build of Android 13. It took long enough, however, with users having to wait 13+ months for the update to land. Even by Motorola’s usual (awful) standards, this is very bad.

We know the Motorola Edge 2022 will get both Android 14 and Android 15 – Moto has confirmed as much. But the next obvious question is how long will users have to wait?

Motorola Edge 2022 Android 14 Update

Will The Motorola Edge 2022 Get Android 14 & Android 15 Update?Pin

Motorola pushed out the Android 13 update for the Edge 2022 on December 19, 2023 – over 13 months after the phone’s initial release. This meant users were stuck on Android 12 for the best part of a year, while users with cheaper phones were running Android 13.

We’re now well into 2024 and so far it is looking increasingly likely that Edge 2022 users will have yet another long wait on their hands for Android 14.

How long? Motorola has not said. It could be several months from now or a year – it’s impossible to say. I’ve reached out to Motorola’s reps for an update, but I am not expecting much in the way of a confirmation.

Most of the time, all you get us a boilerplate response like: “Motorola is hard at work on the update and will roll it out to users as soon as possible” – just standard PR nonsense, really.

But quite a lot of its phones are now confirmed to be getting Android 15 – here’s the full list:

  • Motorola razr 40 ultra (razr+ 2023)
  • Motorola razr 40 (razr 2023)
  • Motorola razr 2022
  • Motorola edge+ 2023
  • Motorola edge 2023
  • Motorola edge 40 pro
  • Motorola edge 40
  • Motorola edge 40 neo
  • Motorola edge 30 ultra
  • Motorola edge 30 pro
  • Motorola edge 30 fusion
  • Motorola edge 30 neo
  • Motorola edge 30
  • Motorola edge+ 2022
  • Motorola edge 2022
  • Motorola edge+ 5G UW 2022
  • Moto g stylus 5G (2023)
  • Moto g stylus (2023)
  • Moto g 5G 2023
  • Moto g power 5G 2023
  • Moto g84 5G
  • Moto g54
  • Moto g73 5G
  • Moto g53 5G
  • Moto g23
  • Moto g14

What About Android 15?

Android 15Pin

Again, Motorola has confirmed that the Motorola Edge 2022 will get Android 15 which is great – three years’ worth of updates is what Motorola promises its users.

What it doesn’t promise, however, is getting these updates in a timely fashion. Android 15 will get a release date later this year. Weeks later, Google’s Pixel phones will receive the update OTA, even its cheaper models like the Pixel 7a and Pixel 6a.

As for the Motorola Edge 2022, we could be waiting until 2026 for the Android 15 update to eventually rollout. Lenovo – Motorola’s parent company – really needs to up its game in 2024 with faster, more consistent updates.

Google and Samsung are now offering 7 years’ worth of support on their flagship phones. OnePlus offers five on its OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12. If Motorola wants to be taken seriously and remain a contender in the US market, it needs to follow suit.

Waiting 2+ years for the latest update is not something that’ll earn you kudos from users. Anyone with any sense will just switch to Google’s Pixel A series phones. They cost the same as a phone like Edge 2022 and they pack in way better specs and camera tech, and get faster more reliable updates.

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is a leading UK technology journalist with a focus on consumer tech trends and data security. Renowned for his insightful analysis, Richard has contributed to Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, and CNBC, making complex tech issues accessible to a broad audience.

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