How to set up and use the PS5 Media Remote. Plus a bunch of tips and tricks for using it properly and explanations of what all the buttons do…

Having a PS5 Media Remote makes navigating through the PS5’s settings and features a lot easier. And it also conserves the battery life of your Dual Sense controller too.

Controlling media playback using a gamepad may not be the most interesting thing because it is sometimes difficult to remember the functions that some of the buttons perform.

Having the PS5 Media Remote brings a whole new experience making it easier to watch the shows and streaming services you love. The price of the remote is $29.95 FYI.

Design of PS5 Media Remote

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Interestingly, the remote is designed to look like PS5. You can also use it for your TV and sound system. The PS5 Media Remote works with two AA batteries that come with the box.

PS5 Media Remote Features – What It Can Do

  • It is white with a shiny black band around the middle.
  • It is slim, light in weight, and curved.
  • It is very small being 5.7 by 1.6 inches and 0.8 inches at the wider part.
  • It has flat buttons, being spaced around the navigation pad.
  • This navigation pad is shaped like a plus and has four thin directional buttons found around a circular confirmation button.
  • The good thing is the plus-shaped arrangement is easy to locate.
  • At the bottom of the remote, you see a PlayStation logo which acts as a home button.

PS5 Media Remote Buttons & Functions Explained

There are several useful buttons on the PS5 Media Remote performing different functions.

The front of the remote has the volume, mute, TV on and off, directional buttons, back and enter buttons. There are also the play and pause buttons.

In addition to those buttons, there are shortcut buttons for Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, and Spotify. There is also a PlayStation button that takes you to the console’s home menu and a microphone button which is not functional at the moment.

PS5 Media Remote Buttons Explained

  • The TV on and off button is for switching the TV on and off
  • Directional buttons are for highlighting an item on your screen
  • Volume button is for adding and reducing the volume
  • Enter button is for choosing and confirming your option
  • Back button is for going back or canceling your selection
  • IR transmitter is for transmitting infrared signals to your TV
  • The fast reverse button is used for skipping to the next track
  • The fast forward button is used when you want to go back to the previous track
  • The options button when tapped, brings the playback menu as you are watching the Blu-ray disc.

How To Pair The PS5 Media Remote

The steps involved in pairing the remote are not complicated. It is also a Bluetooth device and that makes it is easy to set it up.

  1. Go to settings, then accessories
  2. Look up media remote and select setup media remote
  3. It will instruct you to press two buttons for a few seconds so that the pairing can happen

The pairing doesn’t take a long time so, within a few seconds, your device will have been paired with the system.

The remote is very effective in performing its functions and lets you control the PS5’s media features with ease. This is a better upgrade compared to using a gamepad which is a bit weird for managing playback

Why You Should Get the Remote

Is The PS5 Media Remote worth getting? The remote is so easy to use, you just point it to your PS5 to fully take charge of your media content.

It also has playback controls that are simple to use, volume control for your TV, and fast access buttons to streaming services for a better PS5 experience.

This makes it so much useful for PS5 users because they can better control their device at the comfort of their couch (and without using their Dual Sense Wireless controllers).

One important thing to note, however, is that using the remote is optional because you can do most of the same things with your Dual Sense controller.

With the PS5 Media Remote, however, you’re not wasting your Dual Sense controller’s battery life. And with the PS5 Media Remote, you also get quick buttons for all your favourite streaming services.

It’s just for you to decide whether you want to spend the extra $30 to get it.