PS5 Reviews: The Best Console. Period?

The PS5 has been marred by supply issues since its release, but now that the console is available to buy is it the best option on the market? Let’s take a look at a cross-section of PS5 reviews to find out…

The PS5 isn’t just a more powerful version of the PS4 Pro. Sony has completely reinvented the console, changing nearly every aspect and component of the system – from its outer casing to its software. As complete overhauls go, the PS5 is about as extreme as it gets. And that is always risky. But it would appear that Sony’s vision was both timely and extraordinarily well executed.

But it didn’t stop with the console itself; no, Sony also took a more traditional approach to launching the console itself too. It ensured there were plenty of exclusive games available at launch. It then worked with game companies to ensure a steady stream of exclusive games for its first couple of years on sale – this has helped keep the PS5 in the headlines, at the front and center of gamers’ minds.

Of course, the entire platform has been marred by the fact that millions of potential users could not actually buy one when it was released. The global chip shortage made getting a PS5 for the vast majority of people next to impossible. And this saga lasted for a very long time, a painfully long time – both for Sony’s bottom line and gamers eager to try the new console. Mercifully, things have now improved and the PS5 is easier to find in-store and online.

But is the PS5 worth buying? Is it future-proofed? Are the games that much better than what you got on the PS4 Pro? In order to answer these questions, we first need to take a look at what makes the PS5 so powerful – its specs and hardware – and then we’ll take a look at a cross-section of reviews in a bid to build a clearer picture of its positives and negatives. After this, we’ll analyze what we’re established and be in a better position to answer the question: is the PS5 worth buying?

PS5 Hardware – CPU, GPU, I/O & Connectivity

On top of all the above specs, you have things like WiFi 6 built-in, larger fans and inlets for better heat management, a plethora of USB slots – both micro and Type C – as well as HDMI slots and an ethernet port for mainlining an internet connection into the PS5. Conversely, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X only supports WiFi 5. Again, Sony has been thinking about the long game here and when you look at the system in a macro way, this approach really starts to pay dividends.

With storage, you have a beefy 825GB SSD – of which 667.2GB is available – for storing all your games and media files. There is support for external SSD/HDD drives but only for PS4 games (which is odd). You also have the potential to upgrade the internal SSD via its M.2 SSDs too, this was added in September 2021, after not being available at first. And it is a useful addition too because PS5 games are bloody massive, so you’ll rip through 800GB of storage in no time whatsoever. Beyond this, what really makes the PS5 so special – and so very, very powerful – is its GPU and CPU.

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I think the PS5 has a slight edge over the Xbox Series X. Sony has really improved the PS5 controller, the PS5’s software is now more useful and engaging than ever, it looks and functions so much better than it did on the PS4, and Sony has a considerable amount more exclusive games available for its platform.

The PS5’s GPU was custom built by AMD and has an RDNA 2-based GPU that delivers up to 10.28 teraflops of power using variable frequencies of up to 2.23GHz. All of this means the PS5 can create next-generation graphics using things like ray tracing and significantly higher resolutions which, when combined, is what makes PS5 games look so damn good compared to PS4 and PS4 Pro titles.

The PS5’s CPU is an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU that supports variable frequencies up to 3.5GHz. All this means is that the CPU can down-regulate its power when it doesn’t require “full beans” to run a game or an application which, in turn, makes it a more power-efficient system. Sony also included 16GB of GDDR6 RAM inside the PS5 so as to ensure buttery smooth performance inside the PS5’s settings and menus and also its games. Combine ALL of these things and you’re looking at one of the most powerful consoles ever envisaged.

That’s a quick overview of what’s new, specs and hardware-wise, inside the PS5. But to get a better idea about just how good the PS5 actually is, let’s now look at a cross-section of PS5 reviews to see what other reviewers made of the console. After we’ve been through the PS5 reviews, we’ll do a recap session at the end where I’ll go over all the PS5’s PROS and CONS in order to find out whether or not the PS5 is worth buying over, say, an Xbox Series X console or a Nintendo Switch.

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Is The PS5 Worth It?

Whichever way you slice it, if you want the best possible gaming experience in 2022 and beyond on a console, you HAVE to be looking at the PS5. Or the Xbox Series X. Right now, these are the only two games in town when it comes to future-proofed, next-generation console gaming. Both are incredibly powerful, both support 8K gaming, and both have a wide and ever-growing selection of titles, as well as novel ways of delivering them.

But for me, I think the PS5 has a slight edge over the Xbox Series X. Sony has really improved the PS5 controller, the PS5’s software is now more useful and engaging than ever, it looks and functions so much better than it did on the PS4, and Sony has a considerable amount more exclusive games available for its platform. This isn’t to say the Xbox is inferior in any way, it isn’t. But from a purely fun perspective, right now, I think gamers will get more out of the PS5 than the Xbox Series X.

Aside from the way they look, the Xbox Series X and PS5 are very similar on the inside. They run markedly similar hardware and specs, with the odd difference here and there. Microsoft has introduced some massive, super-useful changes to how Xbox works and these will impress all who encounter them. But for most people, the thing that is going to be most important is access to exclusive games, and in this context, Sony is currently winning, so right now we’d say get the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

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