PS5 Setup Tips: How to Set up Your PS5 like a Pro

A detailed collection of PS5 setup tips that’ll help you get the most from your new console, including setting up accounts, configuring 4K gaming, and downloading games…

Whether you were lucky to grab the new PlayStation 5 on the release day or got one when the stock resurfaced, the essential thing is that you have one.

Congratulations and welcome to the fantastic world of next-generation console gaming.

The new-generation console provides better graphics as well as a more intuitive user interface.

However, before you start to enjoy gaming, you are required to set up the PS5 correctly and ensure you are logged into your PlayStation account to play games online.

Ready to dive into this next-generation PlayStation?

Read through this PS5 setup guide on how to set up your PS5 like a pro.

PS5 Unboxing

The first step in setting up your PS5 console starts by unboxing. PS5 comes in a massive box that is much larger than the predecessors.

The box comes with a Bluetooth-enabled Dual Sense wireless controller, a power cord, USB-Type C cable for connecting the controller, and an HDMI cable.

You can also buy a dedicated remote for the PS5, it’s called the PS5 Media Remote.

You will also find a warranty card and user’s manual in the box. All PS5 owners will receive a one-year warranty on the console and the gaming controller.

After unboxing, remove the primary console from the box and place it where you want to set it up.

Get the Perfect Place

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Before setting up the PS5, you should choose a place that is not blocking the gaming console vents.

Some people make the mistake of setting up the PS5 where the vents are being blocked.

Ensure the console is positioned in a space where there is good air circulation as the PS5 console has an internal cooling system that passes hot air outside.

The PS5 is a powerful device and the most prominent gaming console. You can position it vertically and horizontally.

Sony also offers a clip-on base for PS5 that can be used as a console stand, but it has to be purchased separately.

Setting up The PS5 Stand

The PS5 is a powerful device and the biggest gaming console. You can position it vertically and horizontally.

Sony also offers a clip-on base for PS5 that can be used as a console stand, but it has to be purchased separately.

While PS5 can lie or stand up by itself, the console will not be very stable, and a toppling PlayStation is the last thing you want.

Setting up the PS5 stand is relatively simple. Start by taking out your stand, a black circular base, in the box and turn it over.

Rotate the bottom and top of the stand in contrary directions until you get a click sound. You will see a small compartment that has a screw inside. Remove the screw and place it in a safe place.

Put the PS5 on a flat surface to make the rear side of the console face up. The ports at the back of the console should be turned upward.

Then, take out the screw hole cap from the console’s bottom when placed in a vertical position. You can easily remove the cap using your fingernails or thin stuff to leverage it.

Place the cap back into the cap-shaped hole at the base where you removed the screw.

Now, you need to attach the base. Once placing the console vertically, you must attune the base to the hooks sliding in underneath the power port on the rear side of your console.

Ensure to rotate the stand back to its original position with the hook remaining parallel to the raised plastic part. You should make sure that the bottom of the console fits the base comfortably.

If you want to place your PS5 console horizontally, start by rotating the base until the raised plastic part is positioned slightly to the right side of the hook.

Then, bring the base into line with the marked area on the PS5. When the stand is comfortably aligned, place the screw into the base and secure it tightly.

You can do this using a flat-headed screwdriver or even a screw.

It is recommendable for you to place it vertically because horizontally, it will take up more space.

The PS5 guide included in your PS5 box will guide you through how to attach the stand along with diagrams.

Installing the Cables

Now comes the most vital part, installing the cables and setting it up so that you can begin gaming.

You first require to connect the PS5 to a power source and connect the console to your TV via the HDMI port. Plug in your PS5 power cable into the power supply and then plug it in the equivalent port located at the back of your PS5.

After the cable is plugged into a power source, use the HDMI cable contained in the PS5 box package to connect the PS5 to your Television display. The TV features an HDMI port often located at the back and the PS5 HDMI port.

Even so, getting the 4K and 120Hz visuals on your PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition requires you to use the HDMI cable included in your console package or any other HDMI 2.1 cable and plug it in HDMI 2.1 port on the TV.

PS5 Setup Tips: How to Set up Your PS5 like a ProPin

Keep in mind that most TVs are compatible with HDMI 2.1. The HDMI cable that comes with the PS5 box works with either HDMI 2.1 port or the regular HDMI 2.0 port; hence you can achieve a 4K gaming resolution on-screen either way.

Nevertheless, if you are utilizing an HDMI 2.0 wire, it cannot carry the 4K at 120Hz even if you connect it to an HDMI 2.1 port.

Also, you should ensure you get a 120Hz display because some TVs have a maximum of up to 60Hz.

You also require to have a 4K television to achieve a 4K gaming resolution.

After properly connecting the PS5 console to your TV, set your TV to display the HDMI connected to the PS5 via the TV’s remote control.

Next, if you want to use Ethernet, connect the PS5 console to the internet router through an Ethernet cable. But ensure the Ethernet cable is sufficiently long to reach the console comfortably.

Once this is done, press the power button on the PS5. You will be welcomed with the PS5 setup screen. If it does not display, double-check if you have connected all the cables properly and ensure you have followed the steps.

Pairing Accessories and Controllers

To enjoy gaming and navigate through the PS5 setup screen, you will require to connect your Dual Sense PS5 controller via the USB cable contained in the package box.

Note that when connecting the controller to the PS5, the USB cable must be a Type-C wire. Plug the thinner end into the top of your controller and the thicker end of the USB into one of the PS5 console USB ports.

PS5 Setup Tips: How to Set up Your PS5 like a ProPin

Then, press down the PlayStation button on your controller until the light comes on.

PS5 console features a preinstalled Astro’s Playroom. We recommend that you play this game first before deleting it, as it will help to demonstrate the capabilities of the Dual Sense controller.

PS5 Settings

After you have done all the setup described above, you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to set up the PS5 online profile.

Now select your preferred language.

You will then be asked to connect the PS5 to Wi-Fi. After filling in the Wi-Fi password, the console will ask you to adjust the screen area using the controller.

The PS5 will then ask you to insert a game disc to install a game, or you can choose to skip. After this, the PS5 will start updating to the latest version and will then restart automatically.

Setting up PS5 Accounts

After the PS5 starts again, press the ‘PS’ button on your PS5 controller to go to the console’s home page. The PS5 will then ask you to log in to your PlayStation account. You can fill in your Identification Number and password to log in via the PlayStation app on the smartphone using a QR code.

You can easily customize your settings, link the PS5 console to your PSN ID, and get a head start to download some PS5 apps and games.

You can do it via an already created account details or sign up for a new account. After downloading and setting up the PlayStation App, you can log in via your smartphone.

After following the instructions to set up the console and set up your settings, you will be welcomed by a ‘Welcome to PlayStation 5’ screen.

After that, you can get straight to enjoying the best gaming experience of the generation.

That is it! Your PlayStation 5 is all set.

PS5 3D Audio

One of the innovative new features of the PS5 is the 3D audio to ensure you enjoy the gaming experience to the maximum.

You don’t worry if you don’t have a costly headset because you can use traditional earbuds. To set it up, go to settings> sound> Audio output and enable the 3D audio.

You can also change the 3D Audio Profile to your liking to make sure the experience is best for your ears.

Downloading PS5 Games

If you plan to play many PS4 games on your PS5, one of the PS5 hacks is connecting an external HDD.

If you previously had an external HDD that you were using PS4, you just need to connect it and continue from there.

The PS5’s SDD is limited; you just need to use it for next-gen PS5 games.

One of the best features of PS5 software is downloading your PS4 digital games stored on your library to the new PS5.

To transfer your PS4 games to your new PS5, you should go to the ‘My Library’ option on the PS5, and you will find all your previously downloaded games on PS4.

PS5 Setup Tips: How to Set up Your PS5 like a ProPin

You can now download these games on the PS5. If you have multiplayer games, you can play the games online through your PlayStation Plus account.

Keep in mind that only the Blue-ray PS5 version provides support to play games CDs. The digital version only supports digital games.

What is a better way to expand your gaming collection than browsing the PS Plus Collection?

To buy a PS5 digital game, go to the Games and click PS Store.

Find the game you want and click on the game card.

For PS Plus subscribers has some of the all-time best PS4 games, such as Monster Hunter and God of War. Click ‘Buy’ > ‘Confirm Purchase’ > ‘Download.’

You will find the games you have purchased in the Game Library and Games home. Just select the game and play.

The new PS Store also comes with great features such as Wishlists which updates you whenever a game you are interested in has important news.

PS5 Power Saving Settings

Now that you understand how to set up and use your PS5, it is essential to look at your Power saving settings and adjust them to your preference.

For power consciousness, it’s recommendable to find the settings that maximize how you want to play while conserving power usage.

Go to the Settings button, select Power Saving and get the configuration that fits your needs.

Check out Your PS Playtimes

Sony has come up with a playtime tracker on the new PS5 console. This is one of the unique features of the new console.

The feature tracks the historical data to see how much time you have spent on your PS4. You just need to press the PlayStation button to get the control center and click your avatar.

Then to your ‘Profile,’ select ‘Games’ and get the surprise of how much time you have stuck on your console.

Enjoy Your PS5

After following these PS5 tips and instructions on setting up your PS5 console and establishing your settings, you should be welcomed by a ‘Welcome to PlayStation 5’ screen.

From here, you can get straight to experiencing PlayStation gaming. The most important thing is that whatever you choose to do, have maximum fun with your new PS5 console today.

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