How do the PS5’s graphics compare to the PS4 and its main rival, the Xbox Series X – let’s take a look at all the specs and upgrades to find out…

Sony delivered a next-generation console in PS5, just like it promised. And while it was next to impossible to get one at launch, stock is now readily available.

The expectations for Sony to deliver a top-notch console were high because of the success of the PS4.

Sony met the expectations and set a new bar for the next generation of gaming with faster load speeds and new technology for the controller in PS5.

The following article will explore the graphical capabilities of PS5 and compare its graphics with those of PS4 and Xbox Series X.

PS5 vs PS4 vs Xbox Series X

The more powerful a machine is, the better the graphics it will have on the screen. The power of a console is determined by its GPU and processing unit, which complement each other.

It even has a dedicated remote called the PS5 Media Remote, although it does not come with the console.

It’s common knowledge that the PS5 has better specs than PS4, but how does it fare with the Xbox Series X?

Let’s dive into it.

The primary purpose of the GPU in a machine is graphic rendering. It is the fundamental component in each console that is responsible for this function.

Both PS5 and Series X have a GPU with AMD RDNA 2 architecture.

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The Xbox Series X

The PS5 has a more powerful GPU than PS4 but a less powerful one compared to the Xbox Series X.

The power of a GPU is determined by the number of teraflops in each graphic card. The PS5 boasts 10.28 teraflops of computing power, while PS4 only has 1.8 teraflops.

However, the Xbox Series X console has 12 teraflops of computing power across 52CUs, giving it slightly better graphics than PS5.

Plus, you can now actually buy the Xbox Series X as well, whereas Sony’s PS5 is next to impossible to find. And the prices are pretty damn good too.

The PS5 has twice the number of computing units as PS4. The PS4 has 18 computing units that run at 800 MHz, while PS5 has 36 CPUs that run at 2.23GHz.

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Both PS5 and Xbox Series X run an eight-core Zen 2 processor, unlike the PS4, which runs on an octa-core x86-64 AMD which clocks at 1.5 GHz per core.

The PS5’s CPU runs at 3.5GHz per core, while Xbox Series X’s processor runs at 3.8GHz.

PS5 Game Play Resolution

The maximum resolution capability for PS5 and Xbox Series X is 2160p (4K) at 60 frames per second, unlike PS4, which has a total resolution capability of 1080p at 30 frames-per-second.

However, in some specific games, PS5 and Xbox Series X can output 120 frames-per-second but only at 1080p on PS5 and 1440p on Xbox Series X.

What is Ray Tracing?

Both PS5 and Series X have a new technology known as ray tracing, which was not on PS4.

This technique is a game-changer and is used to create realistic lighting effects in video games. Initially only available in PCs, it has finally been incorporated in PS5.

Effect of New PS5 Graphics on Games

The new graphics on PS5 have improved the gaming experience tremendously, especially with the upgrade to 4K resolution and ray tracing technology. Games will look fantastic and clearer.

But you will need a decent 4K TV to harness its full potential.

Future of Gaming

Down the line, Sony’s ambition is 8K gaming. However, this may take years, if not decades, before it comes to fruition. If it comes to pass, it will be a step towards reaching photorealism in gaming, where gamers will play games that look like the real thing.

And that will be totally amazing…