Meet 2020’s Cheapest Unlimited Data SIM-Only Plan (Inc. FREE 5G)

Got a new phone? Looking for a cheap, unlimited data plan but don’t want to get locked into a contract for 18-24 months? No problem – we have just the plan for you!

If you own your own phone and aren’t locked to a carrier, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to SIM-only plans. But finding the right balance of data and price can often be tricky, however, Three has one of the best truly unlimited SIM-only data plans for 2020 – bar none!

For just £22 a month (over 12 months), you’ll get totally unlimited data, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. And if that wasn’t enough, the plan from Three also includes 5G connectivity at no extra cost. This is handy, especially if you update your phone mid-way through the year as all newer phones released in 2020 will support 5G.

What Else Does It Include?

  • Free-Roaming In 71 Countries – Three has always been good for roaming on its contract plans, but now the network has brought roaming to its SIM-only plans as well. With Three’s Advanced Plan, you’re free to roam and use your phone 71 countries around the globe, including Europe and the USA.
  • Personal Hotspot – What’s this? Simple: it means you can use your phone’s data to connect other devices in your home or while you’re out and about. Example: say your internet goes down at home, but you NEED to do some work. Normally, you’d have to go and find the nearest coffee shop. Not anymore. With Personal Hotspot, you can connect your PC to your phone’s data and carry on working.
  • Free Calls To Customer Service Numbers – Making calls to customer services can be pricey, especially as many make you wait for ages to connect to an actual person. With Three’s Advanced Plan, you get free calls to 0800, 0808, and 0500 numbers which mean no more surprise charges on your phone bill after you’ve spoken to a service provider or one the utility companies you use.
  • Free 5G – This one is important. Why? Because 5G will become increasingly popular in 2020, as more and more 5G phones land – including Apple’s iPhone 12 range. Having built-in access to 5G means your data is ready as soon as you are; all you have to do is get a 5G phone and Three’s Advanced Plan will immediately start connecting you to 5G. If you don’t have a 5G phone, no matter, you’ll just stick to 4G.

Is Three Mobile Good?

Yes. I’ve been a customer of Three for almost 10 years now! And during this time, I’ve never had any issues. Coverage, even in rural areas, is great. Data speeds are fast, and you get truly unlimited data, meaning there are NO caps.

How do I know this? Simple: when I moved to a new house a few years ago, I used Three’s Personal Hotspot for ALL my internet needs for 8 days, including streaming, gaming, and working. During that time, we clocked up around 60GB of data usage and there was no extra charge.

This – as well as the free-roaming – has kept me as a dedicated Three user all this time. I’m on a rolling contract, as I go through about 20-30 phones a year (perks of the job). But if I were a normal punter looking for a great SIM-only deal for a phone that I already own, I’d be all over Three’s Advanced Plan – it’s the cheapest “truly unlimited” data plan for the UK by a considerable margin.

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