Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Sony Tablet S

Vs Paul Briden 10:40, 23 Sep 2011

We see how Samsung’s big Galaxy Tab 10.1 compares to Sony’s new Tablet S

We see how Samsung’s big Galaxy Tab 10.1 compares to Sony’s new Tablet S.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - 256.7x175.3x8.6mm, 565g
Sony Tablet S - 241.2x174.3x10.1-20.6mm (tapers), 598g

Samsung’s device is the larger of the two but it is more than a touch lighter thanks to being a mere 8.6mm thin. It sports quite a straightforward and plain design but we think that this works in its favour, we also like how there’s not too much bodywork surrounding the screen, lending the tablet a sleek look. Generally it’s nicely proportioned and very clean, your attention isn’t drawn away by an over-abundance of ports and buttons and even the back panel is reassuringly minimalist.

The Sony Tablet S is a little more in-your-face. It looks inconspicuous enough from the front, again the proportions are nice and the screen to bodywork ratio is good.

However, a little bit of textured panelling at the top of the device drops hints at some of the zanier elements of its design. Essentially, the tablet form is as if someone wrapped a flexible TFT screen around a wedge-shaped piece of billet aluminium, and then nailed it in place. Except the end result is much more elegant than that sounds. It looks pretty snazzy and we like it.

We’d have to say the Sony looks more interesting, however, the lighter and thinner Galaxy Tab has its advantages. We’re calling a draw.

Winner - Draw

Sony’s Tablet S features a 9.4-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen, the resolution is a hefty 1280x800 pixels giving this display a pixel density of 161 pixels-per-inch (ppi). The usual trio of multi-touch, accelerometer and gyro sensor are all included too.

Against this Samsung brings the titular 10.1-inch touchscreen, it’s a PLS TFT capacitive at the same resolution as its competitor, resulting in a lower pixel density of 149ppi. Gorilla Glass has been used, so it should be a tough nut to crack, the Galaxy Tab also comes equipped with a set of capacitive buttons under the display and Samsung’s TouchWiz UX interface overlaid onto the Android operating system,
Just like the Sony it’s got multi-touch input, an accelerometer and a gyro sensor to help with screen orientation.

We have to side with Sony’s crispier pixel density on this one.

Winner – Sony Tablet S

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