Guide: How to connect to Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy S2

User guides 16:56, 23 Jan 2012

This guide will explain how to activate Wi-Fi on your Samsung Galaxy S2

In this tutorial we'll show you how to setup your Samsung Galaxy S2 to use a nearby Wi-Fi connection.

To turn Wi-Fi on and connect to a wireless network


  1. From the homescreen press the 'Menu' key.
  2. Press 'Settings'.
  3. Tap 'Wireless and Networks'.
  4. Press the Wi-Fi checkbox to turn Wi-Fi on. The phone will scan for available wireless networks.
  5. Tap 'Wi-Fi Settings' - The network names and security settings (whether an Open network or one Secured with WEP) of detected Wi-Fi networks are displayed in the Wi-Fi networks section.
  6. Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. When you select an open network, you will be automatically connected to the network. When you select a network that is secured with WEP, enter the WEP (security) key and then press 'Connect'.


MAC Address

If you need to get the device MAC address, follow these steps.


  1. Select 'Apps' on the homescreen.
  2. Press 'Settings'.
  3. Press 'About Phone'.
  4. Press 'Status' and scroll to Wi-Fi Mac address.


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