Setting Security on the Samsung D900

User guides 16:39, 10 Jul 2007

The Samsung D900 comes with a range of standard and not-so-standard security features. We guide you through them all

The Samsung D900 comes with a range of standard and not so standard security features. Along with the normal key lockpad and PIN lock programs, you can choose to lock certain parts of your phone such as contacts, media files, messages or most importantly, your memory card. This prevents anyone who does gain control of your phone from getting at these areas. We will look at how to setup the Mobile Tracker feature in a different tutorial.

The security features are found under Settings, Security. There are seven different options here:

1. PIN check
2. Change PIN
3. Phone lock
4. Change Password
5. Privacy
6. SIM lock
7. FDN mode
8. Change PIN2
9. Mobile Tracker

One of the least used features on any phone is its security. While professional phone thieves are likely to be able to circumvent any security, simply setting things such as the PIN, phone lock and SIM lock will make it hard for the casual thief to steal and use your phone. The Mobile tracker feature even tells you to know that someone has turned on your stolen phone.

It is important to understand how the PIN and the Phone lock differ. The PIN affects your SIM card. Get this wrong and you are in real trouble. You have just three attempts before your SIM is locked and can only make SOS calls.

The only way to unlock the SIM is to take it out of the phone, call your operator, read them the PIN number and then they will provide you with a PUK (Pin Unlock) code which you have to put into your phone.

Unless you know what the PIN was set to when you received it (normally set by the operator) you should be careful about setting this. The Phone Lock is used to require a password to access the phone and is what you see when you first turn your phone on. It is not tied to your PIN but to the actual phone.

Setting the PIN
First you need to enable the PIN check and then you need to set the PIN using the Change PIN option. This is done by going Settings, Security, PIN check and then choosing enable. At this point you will be asked for the existing PIN for your phone.

As soon as you have enabled this feature, you can set your new PIN number. Go to Settings, Security, Change PIN and then enter your new PIN. You will need the existing PIN number as part of this.

Setting the Phone lock
As with the PIN security, you start by enabling this feature and then use the Change password option to set the new password. This is done by going Settings, Security, Phone lock and then choosing enable.

At this point you will be asked for the existing password for your phone. If you haven't set this before, the default is 00000000.

Once the Phone lock feature is enabled, you can set the new password. Go to Settings, Security, Change password, enter your existing password followed by the new password.

SIM lock
To make life even tougher for the thief, you can combine the SIM card and phone lock processes into one. This is done using the SIM lock feature. The only way for this phone to now be used is with your SIM card.

Go to Settings, Security, SIM lock and choose Enable. You will be asked for a password and then the phone and SIM will be jointly locked.

Setting Privacy protection for your files, especially your memory card couldn't be simpler. Go to Settings Security, Privacy and select the items that you want to add additional security to.

These include your call log, phonebook, messages, images and memory card among others. Once you have highlighted what you would like protected, you select Save and you are prompted for a password. To remove Privacy you just uncheck the items and select Save again

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