How to reset, reboot, wipe and fix the Samsung Galaxy S3

User guides 13:56, 6 Jun 2012

We show you how to reboot and reset your Samsung Galaxy S3 should you run into any glitches or problems

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is currently sitting pretty at the top of the smartphone league table, overlooking the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4S and HTC’s One X from its heady perch.

The device is beyond powerfu, with a quad-core Exynos CPU, Mali-400MP GPU and 1GB RAM, but even the best smartphones sometimes run into troubles, and when those troubles arise we want you to be able to plough on unencumbered by the odd glitch.

So, if your brand new Samsung Galaxy S III runs into a problem, the first thing you should try is a reboot. 

Here's how it's down:

  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 10-12 seconds

If, once your device reboots, it’s still suffering from the problem you should then try a hard reset. This can be accomplished thusly:

  • Press and hold ‘Volume Up’ + ‘Power’ + ‘Home’

This should reset your device back to its default settings and will almost certainly eradicate any problems you’ve been experiencing.

If the problems are still there after rebooting and hard resetting then you should consider wiping your device by:

  • [This will erase everything, so perform backups before proceeding]
  • Tapping ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘Privacy’
  • Tap ‘Factory Data Reset’
  • Select ‘Reset Phone’
  • Choose ‘Erase Everything’
  • This will then wipe your device, leaving it in a factory fresh state.

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It should be noted that you should save pictures etc before doing a factory reset. You will lose all personal details if you dont save everything.

My phone gave me an "unfortunately the UI has stopped working". When I tried to reboot as above, that message disappeared, and now my phone is just blinking the screen every few seconds. No hope of getting to settings. How do I wipe it now?

Will the phone still be usable after the hard reset?

My Sumsung s3 does not switch on it only stays in the middle of the screen saying Sumsung flashing

my phone got a virus and it took away everything. serial number, phone number, everything it needs to make calls and texts. what do i do?

what if we forgot to backup? Fix ?

i charged my phone from a PC and now it can not go on

did you ever figure out a solution, im having the same problem

So...since the most recent update over wifi my phone seemed find except for when I tried to open the settings app (newly made to look like the android logo) at the bottom of the screen it says app isnt installed..ive tried hard reset which didnt help and since I cant get to setting I cant reset to factory settings...please help

me too friggin BS. Wanted tofactory reset the phone to sell and now its unusable, same flashing Samsung brand, nothing works. Absolute BS Samsung!

Same thing as my old phone when said samgung flash after reboot. So I tried to click power and start installing of apps then I saw start process like click english, spanish, etc. So I leave charger to full then send a shipping someone.

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