You have an Apple Watch but you need an Apple Watch charger, and you don’t want the official one – what are the best options for 2020?

If you do not want to use one of Apple’s Apple Watch charging options because you’d A) like to pay less or B) want more functionality, you’re not alone – millions of people prefer to use third-party Apple Watch chargers to keep their beloved wearable juiced.

During the past 18 months, we tested what are claimed to be the best Apple Watch chargers on the market, and this post is where we’ve collated all the winners based on features, usability, price, and overall functionality.

Our #1 pick for “best Apple Watch charger” for 2020 is the NOMAD Base Station Pro.

Why? Simple: the NOMAD Base Station Pro, while pricey, is the perfect wireless charging stand for ALL your Apple products.

With it, you can charge your iPhone, your AirPods, and your Apple Watch all in one place, saving you prime real estate on your bedside table for more important things.

It’s also a very handsome Apple Watch charging mat, as you can see below:

There are many things to like about the NOMAD Base Station Pro, from its design and finish (it’s coated in leather), to its full-mat charging abilities which mean you can place your tech anywhere on the mat and it will charge.

Add in the fact that there’s plenty of room for your iPhone and AirPods, and is easy to see why plenty of people love this wireless charging mat not just for their Apple Watch, but for their entire Apple product collection.

Coming In Second Place…

Grovemade Apple Watch Dock

If you’re just looking for a dedicated Apple Watch charger, Grovemade’s Apple Watch Dock is a truly great option.

Finished in machined cork, this totally unique and completely unusual Apple Watch charger is easily one of our favorite options on the market right now.

And, yes, you did read that right: the Grovemade Apple Watch Dock is finished in cork – and it’s available in two colors (light and dark).

ZIKU 3 in 1 Wireless Charging

The ZIKU 3 in 1 Wireless Charging, as the name suggests, is a three-in-one wireless charger that will carry one iPhone, one Apple Watch, and one pair of AirPods.

Powered by a 3-coil charging array, the ZIKU 3 is 1.5 times faster at charging than most standard Apple-focused wireless chargers which means your tech will be recharged quicker.

Ideal for your home or work desktop, the ZIKU 3 in 1 Wireless Charging is a fairly inexpensive option and it has plenty of 4-5 star reviews on Amazon. The unit is nice looking, though it isn’t quite as premium as the NOMAD.

ELAGO W Apple Watch Charging Stand

The ELAGO W Apple Watch Charging Stand is a dedicated Apple Watch charger. It doesn’t charge anything else; just your Apple Watch.

The design is fairly novel too; the dock sits atop an elevated platform with a slight forwards tilt.

Ideal for use on your bedside table, The ELAGO W Apple Watch Charging Stand is designed for ease of use, so you can reach over and place your Apple Watch on it, or if you’re in bed, glance over to see the display.

The Apple Watch is held in place by magnets too, so there are no worries about it slipping off while it is charging.

Available in a range of colors, The ELAGO W Apple Watch Charging Stand delivers exceptional value for money and great overall design and usability.

Best Cheap Apple Watch Chargers 

If you’ve spunked a load of cash on your Apple Watch, or something else recently, or you’re just trying to spend less cash, you do have plenty of cheap Apple Watch charger options – ones that range from less than $10 to in and around $20.

These types of Apple Watch charger is simpler and have fewer features than the units listed above, but they’ll still get the job done. And if all you’re after is a simple, honest-to-goodness charger stand for your Apple Watch, you’ll want to check out the following options.

Great Utility, Nice Price…
Simpeak 4 Apple Watch Charger

Perfect for nightstands, the Simpeak 4 Apple Watch charger will charge one Apple Watch device. But, thanks to its trio of USB ports, you have the ability to charge three additional devices at the same time – so, you’re Kindle, your iPhone, and your AirPods. The price is great and the design, while nothing special, is fit for purpose.


With respect to overall functionality, our #1 pick for the best cheap Apple Watch charger would probably have to be the Simpeak 4. With it, you can wirelessly charge an Apple Watch and charge three additional devices via its three USB ports, making it great for utility.

The design isn’t anything to write home about, but at this price point that is to be expected – below $20 all you’re going to get is utility. If you want fancy design AND utility, you’ll need to pony up more cash and go with something like the NOMAD Base Pro.

The Ultra-Cheap Option
Elago W2 Apple Watch Charger Stand

A basic, affordable Apple Watch charger that is ideal for use on bedside tables or your desk at work. The Elago W2 supports ALL Apple Watch models and it looks smart enough to pass as something more expensive. Made from premium silicone, the stand itself is designed to cause zero damage to your Apple Watch.

03/08/2024 04:06 am GMT

The Elago W2 Apple Watch charger is a very good option for certain users. If all you need is a cheap Apple Watch stand that charges wirelessly, this is basically all you really need. It acts as a stand too, so you can still interact with and see what’s on your Apple Watch display.

And for less than $10? Well, it really cannot be beaten in this context – $7 for a wireless Apple Watch charger is damn good value for money whichever way you slice it.

Wireless charging mats, generally speaking, are rather pricey. When you’re talking about premium charging mats like our #1 pick (the NOMAD Base Station Pro), you’re paying for not only the design and build materials but also technology – the Base Station Pro is kitted out with some very impressive charging coils.

But if you’re on a stricter budget, the Seneo 2 wireless charging pad serves up more than adequate performance. It’ll charge two Apple devices at a time, it looks smart enough, and it is priced exceptionally low for a wireless charging mat – less than $20.

With respect to value for money, the Seneo 2 is a brilliant option. It lacks the finesse and the features of its more expensive peers, but for those that are after a simple wireless charging mat (that won’t break the bank), the Seneo 2 will be more than enough to meet your needs and requirements.