Is the Xiaomi Mi 11 waterproof? Read on as we answer that question…

The new Xiaomi M11 is one of Xiaomi’s latest high-end flagship devices, launched in December 2020. Although this device boasts high-end specs, users have asked if the new Xiaomi M11 is a waterproof device. 

So, is the Xiaomi Mi 11 waterproof? If yes, how well can you count on its waterproof feature?

Yes, Xiaomi Mi 11 is waterproof. Hence, you can enjoy Xiaomi’s high-end features whether in the rain, shower, or a brief dip in the pool. 

But before you go out and buy one, please make sure that you’re aware of which carriers actually support Xiaomi phones – currently, you only have a couple of options in the USA.

Does The Xiaomi Mi 11 Have An IP Rating?

No, Xiaomi Mi 11 does not have an IP rating, which stands for Ingress Protection; this is a waterproof and dustproof rating that certifies that a device is dustproof, waterproof, or splashproof. Waterproof devices usually have a high IP68 waterproof rating.

The Mi 11 isn’t alone in its lack of IP-rating, however; ASUS’ new ROG PHONE 5 doesn’t have any waterproofing either.

Why Doesn’t The Xiaomi Mi 11 Have An IP rating? 

This is a valid question considering that Xiaomi Mi 11 is a premium phone with a high price of about $650, so you might expect it to have an IP rating of at least an IP52 splash resistant rating.

Xiaomi has come out to say that although its phone doesn’t have an official splash rating, it has splash-resistant abilities built with it. Hence, I believe that the device has a waterproof feature observed on the sim tray by the presence of a little gasket around it. This offers some water protection features to the Xiaomi M11 device.

How Much Water Can The Xiaomi Mi 11 Handle?

Still, the Xiaomi Mi 11 begs the question, how much water can it handle? In terms of splash protection, the Xiaomi Mi 11 can handle accidental splashes or use in the rain, shower, or a wet environment. 

Sometimes I bring my Sony Xperia Pro into the shower, pick it up, respond to comments in the shower, just as I did with the Xiaomi Mi 11 testing out its water-resistant features. It gets as wet as it can be without any damage. 

Making a judgment based on the test I conducted above for the Xiaomi Mi 11, you would have no problem using it in a rainy environment, neither would you experience any damage due to accidental splashes. Moreover, Xiaomi Mi 11 is a device I have tested in the shower, sink, and outdoors on rainy days, and I am pretty impressed with its splashproof abilities even though the phone has no official IP splash rating.

The New Xiaomi Mi 11 Is Waterproof…

The Xiaomi Mi 11 can withstand total immersion in water less than 1.5meters deep for periods less than 30minutes, say few minutes submerged in water; this makes underwater photography a big possibility considering its superb 108MP, 13MP wide focus, and 5MP macro triple camera, as well as its 20MP selfie camera which will give you fantastic selfie shots in the rain, shower, or pool.  

Well, I would say the new Xiaomi Mi 11 has many flagship features that you just have not realized, including waterproof abilities, considering the recent submersion test I conducted. 

Since the new Xiaomi Mi 11 doesn’t have an official IP splash or waterproof rating, you wouldn’t want to dunk your Xiaomi Mi 11 in water and get it drenched, so you would be OK with water splashes during use in the shower or on rainy days. 

Considering the amount of buck you spent getting, You wouldn’t want to deliberately drop your Xiaomi Mi 11 in water, considering the cost of acquiring a device of such magnitude. 

It doesn’t cost anything for Xiaomi to include waterproof features in its new Xiaomi Mi 11 device, but giving it an IP waterproof rating means Xiaomi would be paying heavily to get an IP rating, which will be transferred to the consumers. Hence, Xiaomi is making its Mi 11 device more affordable for its consumers by giving it waterproof features without an IP rating.

Comparing the Xiaomi Mi 11 with Motorola Edge S, which has an IP52 splash rating, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of submerging the Motorola Edge S underwater even for few seconds, unlike Xiaomi Mi 11 with no IP rating whatsoever, but it can withstand complete immersion in water for few seconds. The Motorola Edge S cannot withstand full submersion in water. However, knowing the cost of the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 flagship device, You should protect it from getting submerged in water for more extended periods since the fact remains that water is a major damaging factor for electronic devices.

Bottom Line

The Xiaomi Mi 11 is a sleek and rugged phone designed for both indoor and outdoor heavy use. Although it has no IP water-resistant rating, it is specially designed to withstand complete submersion in water for a few seconds or more without causing any damage.  

The device is equipped with 5G network connectivity, an all-powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset for heavy use and gaming. It is fitted with 8GB RAM and ROM storage of 128GB, or 256GB, to provide you with unlimited storage. 

Besides, its 6.81-inch Super-AMOLED display is powered by a 4600mAh inbuilt battery enough to provide battery power for two days of outdoor activities or heavy tasking.