If you’re looking for the best Black Friday deals for Xiaomi phones, look no farther – we’ve got ALL the best UK deals for Xiaomi phones in one place

Xiaomi phones are cheap compared to similar phones from Apple and Samsung, but with Black Friday sales you stand to save even more, making them an excellent choice for your next upgrade.

In the last year or two, Xiaomi has grown its presence in the UK, snagging agreements and support from key UK phone networks.

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Back in 2018, if you wanted a Xiaomi phone, you’d have to import one via resellers like GearBest and BANGGOOD.

Nowadays, you can pick up Xiaomi phones in the UK on contract at the UK’s biggest and best phone networks.

Best Xiaomi Black Friday Deals

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Which UK Networks Sell Xiaomi Phones?

You can pick up a range of Xiaomi phones from Vodafone, O2, and Three in the UK. You have options like the Xiaomi RedMi Note 9 and the Xiaomi Mi 8, as well as the “flagship” Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

How Cheap Are Xiaomi Phones?

Compared to phones from Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi phones are VERY cheap. You can pick up a flagship Xiaomi phone on contract with 18GB of data per month for as little as £27 a month with a small upfront fee.

Most Xiaomi phones come with a very small upfront fee; you’ll pay anywhere from £19 to £30 for the handset. But this will get you access to a very cheap monthly fee for the phone.

If you use the table above and search by DATA, you’ll find a ton of deals for Xiaomi phones that come with UNLIMITED DATA for just £27 a month.

Similarly, Three has a deal for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 that comes with 100GB of data per month for just £27 a month. And you only pay £19 upfront for the phone. That is a killer deal, especially if you use a lot of data – 100GB is basically unlimited data.

Which Xiaomi Phone Should You Get?

If you want a flagship experience, go with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or the Xiaomi Mi 10 5G – these are Xiaomi’s top-performers with respect to performance and overall specs and hardware.

If you want killer specs on a budget, look at the RedMi Note models – there big phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series with killer specs but are A LOT cheaper to buy outright and on contract, as you can see inside the table at the top of this post.

Great Deals on Data

As you can see in Xiaomi Black Friday Deals Table, Xiaomi phones – especially via Three – come with exceptional data deals attached to them. This means you can reduce your monthly costs (versus getting an iPhone, for instance) and still get more than enough data for your needs.

As you will see inside the table, there are loads of Unlimited Data and 100GB data deals for less than £30 a month. If you’re looking to save some cash on your phone bills in 2020, going with a Xiaomi phone is one of the easiest ways to do this.

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