Does your iPhone always die with around 25% of juice left in the tank? Yep? Mine too. And my girlfriend’s. Ditto my friends’ and my parents’ iPhones as well. The next question is why? Why the hell does this happen when you have around 25% of juice left in your phone?

Your iPhone isn’t just being lazy and clocking off duty early; no, it’s actually lying to you, saying you have more power than you actually do. This happens because certain apps – apps like Facebook – sit in the background, drinking power like Oliver Reed at an open bar.

There is no sipping, nor are things managed correctly. What you have is a gargantuan binge drinking session that lasts as long as your phone is switched on. Multiple resources have highlighted this issue in the past, naming names and telling you how to fix this issue, but we still get tons of mail about it, so I figured I’d do a little post on it to put the matter to bed once and for all.

Find Those Pesky Power-Draining Apps

As I said: it’s not just Facebook that’s got its eyes on drinking all your juice. There are other offenders as well and you can find out what they are by entering Settings > General > Battery – this will show you what’s eating up all your battery life.

Data-heavy apps with notifications and location settings switched on will be at the top of the list and, nine times out of ten, Facebook is one of these applications. If you’re serious about conserving battery life and getting more juice from your battery there is one simple solution to your problem: delete the Facebook application and use Safari to access it instead.

I know – this kind of sucks. But until Facebook sorts its data-hungry app out this is one of the only ways to extend your battery life when using an iPhone. Another important point: make sure all your apps are ALWAYS up to date as well. Older applications, sometimes, aren’t optimised and this can lead to issues with how they operate and how much power they require.

How To Re-Sync iPhone Battery Life

If your battery life is persistently terrible, there is another option at your disposal: re-syncing the battery life. You need to do this once you have deleted the worst-offending apps on your handset, then let your iPhone drain to 0%.

Once it’s completely dead – not 25% dead – begin charging it again and wait until it is back up to 100%. Here’s the important part: you need to now reset your phone by holding down the home and lock button simultaneously for a few seconds. Do this and the phone should restart. And once it restarts the battery will be completely re-calibrated!

Say, HELLO, to better iPhone battery life.