Facebook Wants To Build Its Own City – And You Can Live There!

Like a modern-day Vatican, Emperor Zuckerberg wants to build his own city on a 59-ace plot of land outside Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley

There’s a brand new community being built in San Francisco. It’s called Willow Valley and the company behind it is Facebook.

The purpose? To provide housing and amenities for Facebook employees, so they never have to leave.

But the new Facebook City will not be exclusively for Facebook employees. Outsiders will be able to live there too. The site will feature 1700 apartments, a hotel, supermarkets, and additional office space.

Facebook has partnered with Signature Development Group to create concepts for the development. The two firms will then present plans to the city for proposal.

Willow Valley will feature parks, cafes, and restaurants, as well as 200,000 square feet of retail space. Essentially, this little suburb will have everything Facebook’s employees will ever need.

If the development is approved, it’s been in planning since 2017, it will replace the existing ProLogis Menlo Science and Technology Park.

Willow Valley Pictures

How Much Will It Cost To Live There?

Because Willow Valley is still in development, there is no word on how much an apartment will cost once (or if) the development is completed.

But given its location, the cost of an apartment will not be cheap. The average rent for a two-bed apartment in Silicon Valley isn’t cheap – around $4300 per month, according to Fox Business.

Facebook employees are paid handsomely, however, so most will be able to foot the bill when renting apartments in Willow Valley. And because the rented apartments will be owned by Facebook, Emperor Zuckerberg will also get a nice slice of his payroll back in rent money.

Not a bad business model, right? Employee someone, pay them, then get some of it back via rent. Maybe Apple and Google will follow suit. The tax breaks are probably superb as well.

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