How To See Wi-Fi Passwords In macOS

Need to see the password of a Wi-Fi account you’ve joined? Here’s how to see Wi-Fi passwords in macOS.

If you’ve ever joined a Wi-Fi network from your Mac, chances are the password to the Wi-Fi network was saved on your computer. This is how you can quickly join the Wi-Fi network again without having to enter the password again.

As a matter of fact, your Mac will save all kinds of passwords so you don’t need to enter them again. The most obvious example is website passwords. Your Mac saves them (and other passwords) to the Keychain, which is an end-to-end encrypted log of all your passwords.

Website passwords are easy to see if you need to know what one is. That’s because you can easily view website passwords on your Mac via the System Settings app (in macOS Ventura. In older macOS’s System Setting is called System preferences) in the Passwords pane. You can also see website passwords via the Passwords tab in Safari by going to Safari > Preferences > Passwords.

But as far as seeing Wi-Fi network passwords – that’s harder. Apple – for whatever reason – doesn’t make it as simple to quickly glance your Wi-Fi network passwords as your web passwords. Thankfully, you CAN see your saved Wi-Fi network passwords a few different ways on your macOS – if you are running the latest macOS Ventura operating system anyway.

If you’re running macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, or earlier, you’re limited to just one main way to see your Wi-Fi network passwords. Let’s look at both methods below.

How To See Wi-Fi Passwords In macOS
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How To See Your Wi-Fi Network Passwords On macOS Ventura

Apple still hasn’t made seeing your Wi-Fi network passwords simple, but it did get easier on macOS Ventura. That’s because users can now look up their Wi-Fi network passwords via the System Settings app. Here’s how you do it:

The password will now be pasted into the text field you chose so you can see what it is.

This isn’t the most elegant way to find your Wi-Fi network passwords on macOS Ventura, but it works.

As always, it’s best not to leave your pasted password in the open for others to see.

How To See Your Wi-Fi Network Passwords On macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey & Earlier

The method above only works for macOS Ventura and later. However, the process below will work on macOS Ventura and early, so is the solution you want to use if you are running macOS Monterey or earlier.

Here’s how to see your Wi-Fi network passwords on macOS Monterey and earlier:

And that’s how you find out your Wi-Fi network passwords no matter which version of macOS you are running!

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