The Apple Wallet app on the iPhone is where you can store your digital passes. Here’s how to add them.

Apple’s Wallet app has been around for several years now and in iOS 16 it’s better than ever thanks to its ability to track certain purchases you make using Apple Pay.

As the “Wallet” name suggests, the Wallet app is the digital equivalent of your physical wallet. And the cards it contains are the digital representation of physical things you’d keep in a real wallet.

For example, the Wallet app can store everything from the Apple Card and other Apple Pay-enabled credit and debit cards, to your driver’s license (if you live in the right state, anyway), to movie tickets and plane tickets – and even reward cards. The Wallet app is also where you access your Apple Card Savings Account.

But it’s those latter categories – the movie and plane tickets and reward cards – that’s of interest here. How do you get them added to your Wallet app? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy…

How To Save A Pass To iPhone Apple Wallet: Tickets, Reward Cards & More!Pin

What Types Of Passes Can You Save In The Apple Wallet App?

Provided the developer supports the Apple Wallet feature, there’s really no limitation to what kind of passes can be saved in the Apple Wallet app.

By far the most popular and useful is probably airline boarding passes. These are the digital tickets with QR codes that allow you to board your flight. They’re incredibly handy because it means you don’t have to print a physical ticket out.

Another really popular type of pass that can be saved in the Wallet app is movie tickets. This is really convenient when buying a movie ticket online. If the theater chain supports Apple Wallet, you can just instantly add your ticket to your Wallet app and keep it safe and sound until you need to present it at the theater.

Reward cards are also popular Apple Wallet passes. These reward cards can be from nearly anywhere – a coffee house chain, a grocery store, or a fast food joint. They also usually have a QR code on them that you scan at the business while making a purchase. That puts more points on your card. Then when you want to redeem your points, you can usually just scan the reward card pass that’s in your Apple Wallet.

And of course, digital coupons are another popular pass that you can save to your Apple wallet.

Where Can You Add Passes From?

There are numerous places you can add a pass to Apple Wallet from. Sometimes an app will allow you to save a pass to Apple Wallet right from within it.

Another popular medium that allows you to add a pass to Apple Wallet is the humble email.

Other forms of digital communication can also be mediums through which a pass can be added to your Apple Wallet.

How To Add A Pass To Apple Wallet On iPhone

Actually adding a pass to Apple Wallet is pretty easy. Here’s how:

  1. First, you want to open the app, email, or other forms of communication that contains your pass. This could be an airline’s iPhone app with your plane ticket in it or a fast food app that has a digital loyalty card inside. It could also be an email with a digital ticket attached.
  2. In the app, email, or other forms of communication that contain the pass, look for a black button that says “Add to Apple Wallet” and tap it. Keep in mind that this may not always take the form of a black button. It could just be a simple line of text that looks like a hyperlink.
  3. The pass will usually then display full screen on your iPhone. Most passes will then show an “add” button or have other onscreen instructions to add it to your Wallet app. Tap the add button or follow the other instructions presented to you.

And that’s it! Your pass will now be saved in your Wallet app on iPhone.

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