How To Delete Apps On macOS: 2 Simple Methods

Wondering how to delete apps on macOS? Apple makes it very simple – yet there are a few things to be aware of…

Back in the early days of computing, uninstalling an app from your computer (also known as “deleting” the app) was a nightmarish process. This is especially true on the Windows operating system, where you couldn’t simply move an app’s icon to the trash. Instead, you needed to run a complicated “uninstaller” app for the app you wanted to delete.

But things are different when it comes to deleting apps on macOS in 2022. Apple makes the process very easy. However, there are certain things to understand….

How To Delete Apps On macOS: 2 Simple Methods
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The Differences Between Installing Apps On Mac & Windows

When someone first moves from Windows to the Mac they are often surprised by how simple certain actions are on the Mac as compared to Windows. Installing an app is one such surprise.

You see, when you install an app on Windows, you often need to download and run an installer, which then performs operations on your PC, installing the app, and also spreading files related to the app all around the operating system.

But installing an app on the Mac is much simpler. You download the app from the web and simply drag it from the container file and into your Applications folder (or anywhere else you want – but it’s good to keep them in the Applications folder for consistency’s sake).

And that drag-and-drop installation is all it takes on Mac for most apps (there are a few exceptions, like Zoom, which do require an installer to run on the Mac).

Most Mac apps don’t require complicated installers because instead of spreading associated files all over the Mac operating system, those files are all contained within the app – literally.

Just right-click on an app’s icon and choose “Show Package Contents” and the app will open like a folder showing you all of its associated files are contained inside.

It’s a really cool feature and one that makes deleting or uninstalling apps on macOS really easy.

(Also, you can install apps directly through the Mac App Store, which is even easier than downloading them from the web.)

How To Uninstall (aka Delete) Apps On macOS

Uninstalling apps on macOS is very very simple. And there are basically two ways to do it. The first is by using Launchpad, which is built into macOS, including macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura. The Launchpad way to uninstall apps is the way you want to use if you’ve installed those apps via the Mac App Store.

Then there is the drag-and-drop way. This is the way you want to use it if you’ve installed an app by downloading it from the web.

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