Spotify has many features, including the ability to curate and build playlists. But how do you go about deleting a playlist on Spotify?

Spotify contains nearly all the music in the world. For music lovers, it is an essential application – either on your phone or your computer. I use and listen to Spotify all day long and have done for years.

Because of the nature of how Spotify works and my thirst for new music, I’m also subscribed to way too many playlists. My Spotify is cluttered, so I decided to start deleting some Spotify playlists I no longer listen to in a bid to clean things up a bit.

Turns out it isn’t quite as easy as you’d imagine, so if you’re struggling to find out how to delete a playlist on Spotify, this guide is for you. And please keep in mind that the methods listed below work the same on mobile and desktop.

How To Delete A Spotify Playlist

To delete a playlist on Spotify, go to the Library tab > and locate the playlist you want to delete. Next, click the Three Dot Menu Icon next to it, then select DELETE Playlist. Spotify will then ask you to confirm your selection. Click YES and the playlist will be deleted.

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This method, of course, only works on playlists that you have created. If you’re following a playlist – or multiple playlists – on Spotify, you cannot delete them. But you can easily unfollow them to improve the clutter situation inside your Spotify account.

And if you want to share your Spotify playlist, follow the same procedure as above: Go To Library, Find The Playlist You Want To Share > Click The Three Dot Icon > Select Share.

How To Unfollow A Playlist In Spotify

This method is actually a lot simpler than deleting one of your own playlists. All you have to do is go to library and find the playlist you want to stop following and then tap the green heart – it will lose its color and this means you’re no longer following that playlist. Simple, right?

As I said in the introduction, removing playlists and unfollowing playlists is really simple. And if, like me, you have way too many playlists, either your own or ones you follow, removing and unfollowing a few of them clears up loads of room inside your Spotify.

If you’re a neat freak, regularly deleting Spotify playlists is a must-know skill. And now you know how to prune down all of your playlists, whether they’re ones you subscribed to or created by yourself.

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