Amazon recently increased the cost of its Amazon Prime subscription service.

Wondering about Amazon Prime Cost?

Amazon customers have a love hate relationship with Amazon Prime. Most love all the benefits it offers, but recently Amazon has been raising the price of Amazon Prime memberships across the globe. Here’s what you need to know…

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What Is Amazon Prime & What’s Included?

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s main monthly subscription service. Amazon Prime was first launched in 2005 and since then has amassed over 200,000 customers.

Amazon Prime gives subscribers a TON of benefits. Those include:

  • Free same-, one- or two day shipping on many items sold on Amazon.
  • Free 2-hour grocery delivery.
  • Access to Amazon Prime Video, the company’s Netflix-like subscription service. Amazon Prime Video is home to films like James Bond and TV shows like the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.
  • Ad-free access to Amazon Music (the company’s version of Spotify).
  • Access to Prime Reading  the ability to check out ebooks from the Kindle Library.
  • Free photo storage.
  • Access to Prime Gaming, where you can download free games.
  • Access to Prime Day Deals, Amazon’s once-a-year mega sale.

It’s important to keep in mind that Amazon Prime benefits vary slightly by country. However, in most countries you’ll get some version of free shipping and access to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, and more.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

Prior to 2022, Amazon Prime used to be much cheaper. But in 2022, Amazon has really raised the subscription prices for a Amazon Prime membership. 

In the United States, an Amazon Prime membership will cost you:

  • $14.99 per month
  • $139 per year
  • $69 per year if you are a student

In September 2022, Amazon will raise the prices for Amazon Prime memberships in a number of European countries. The new prices beginning in September 2022 will be:

  • United Kingdom: £95 per year
  • Italy: €49.90 per year
  • Spain: €49.90 per year
  • France: €69.90 per year
  • Germany: €89.90 per year

Keep in mind, the above country also has monthly subscription rates, which will cost a user more for 12 months than the annual plan Amazon offers.

If you’re wondering why Amazon Prime is so expensive in the United States and the United Kingdom, but relatively cheap in Spain and Italy, it has to do with local economics and other factors. 

Does Amazon Prime Offer A Free Trial?

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet and have never joined the service, Amazon offers a free trial of Amazon Prime in select markets.

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

OK… this is the big question: is Amazon Prime worth it? Especially considering Amazon boosted the prices recently?

I use a trick to decide whether someone should subscribe to Amazon Prime. That trick is asking myself how much I spend on Amazon deliveries each year. If the cost of Amazon deliveries would be more than the cost of an annual Amazon Prime membership, then subscribing to Amazon Prime is usually a pretty good deal.

The savings you get in free Amazon shipping alone often earn back the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. For example, say you place 40 orders with Amazon over the course of 12 months. Say the cost of shipping for each order is an average of $4. That’s $160 in shipping alone. Since an annual Amazon Prime membership costs only $139, you come out ahead.

And in addition to free shipping you also get access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music. Considering most video streaming services can cost over $100 per year and music streaming services can cost the same, Amazon Prime seems to be a pretty good deal.

But again, remember this is only true if you do a lot of shopping on Amazon throughout the year.

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