The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer for the 21st century. But can Apple Vision Pro be used with PC?

TL;DR: Can You Use Apple Vision Pro With A PC?

  • Short answer: Not natively out of the box, but people are coming up with workarounds. 🔨
  • No Windows needed: Apple Vision Pro is not a computer accessory. It’s a computer itself with its own operating system. 🪟
  • visionOS: Apple Vision Pro runs visionOS – a full-fledged operating system. 🥽
  • Windows apps: Microsoft makes the Office apps available for use on Apple Vision Pro. 💻

The Apple Vision Pro is out! It is undoubtedly the year’s biggest, most high-profile tech launch. But far from just being another flagship phone, the Apple Vision Pro is its own device–Apple’s first spatial computer.

Because the Apple Vision Pro is a computer on its own and not just another accessory like the Apple Watch, you do not need an iPhone to use the Apple Vision Pro. Also, if you are an Android user – good news: that doesn’t matter if you want to use the Apple Vision Pro.

But what about using the Apple Vision Pro with other computers, like Mac and Windows PCs? Here’s what you need to know…

Can Apple Vision Pro Be Used With A Mac?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro can be used with a Mac. Even though the Apple Vision Pro runs visionOS and Macs run macOS, the two computers can work together.

Specifically, you can transfer your Mac’s desktop and environment so it appears as a window in visionOS when you are wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

This means you can actually fully interact with your Mac while wearing the Apple Vision Pro. It’s best to do this with a regular keyboard and mouse, though.

But still, this feature is amazing because, with the Apple Vision Pro, you can enlarge your Mac’s desktop to a massive virtual monitor right in front of your eyes.

Can Apple Vision Pro Be Used With PC?

Of course, most of the people in the world are Windows PC users, not Mac. Once these PC users find out that the Mac’s desktop can be viewed and used within the Apple Vision Pro, they want to know if the Windows desktop can as well.

Unfortunately, the answer is no – at least not out of the box. Apple has not built in the ability to use the Windows desktop within the Apple Vision Pro. This is likely because Apple doesn’t have any influence over the development of Windows and Microsoft would thus need to update Windows to support the Apple Vision Pro.

Whether or not Microsoft will do that remains to be seen. But there is some reason to believe they may offer such support. Already the company has brought it most popular Office apps to the Apple Vision Pro. This suggests Microsoft is interested in supporting the Apple Vision Pro.

Third-party Apple Vision Pro Windows Solutions

While Microsoft hasn’t officially added Apple Vision Pro support to Windows (or Apple hasn’t added Windows support to Apple Vision Pro–take your pick), a quick Google search reveals some third-party companies are already working on bringing the Windows environment to the Apple Vision Pro.

We haven’t tried any of these solutions ourselves, but they may be worth looking into to see if the solution could be right for you.

One such solution is called WindowsVisionPro. The paid service allows you to stream your PC games and software to your Apple Vision Pro. As the service states: “WindowsVisionPro transforms your Apple Vision Pro experience, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility. Our cutting-edge solution leverages WebRTC technology to stream your favorite PC games and software directly to your Vision Pro headset. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional app stores and embrace a world of endless possibilities.”

There also may be other solutions out there that work for you, so be sure to search around.

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