Google’s slowly pumping AI smarts into everything, including Gmail. A new feature, Help Me Write, is now available. Here’s how to get it…

Gmail “Help Me Write” – Key Takeaways

  • Google’s New AI Tool: Google has launched an AI-powered tool, ‘Help Me Write’, initially designed for select testers in Google’s Workspace. Now, it’s making its way to the Gmail app on smartphones, suggesting that a broader release could be on the horizon.
  • Functionality of ‘Help Me Write’: This AI assistant serves in two primary ways. It can edit an existing email for brevity, formality, or to add a casual touch with emojis. If you’re pressed for time, the tool can draft an email based on a quick prompt you provide, enabling you to edit the draft or tweak its length and tone as necessary.
  • Starting with ‘Help Me Write’: To use the tool, download the Gmail app on your Android or iOS device and sign into your Google Workspace prototype-linked account. Once logged in, you’ll see a ‘Help Me Write’ prompt when you compose an email. However, the rollout is gradual, so not all Workspace Labs members will immediately see the feature.
  • Joining Google Workspace Labs: To access ‘Help Me Write’ and other AI tools under development, you must join the invite-only Google Workspace Labs. Remember, these are beta versions and may not be perfect. The AI tools currently use US English, so users from regions with different English dialects may need to manually edit some parts.

If you ever find it a chore to write emails on your smartphone, Google’s latest AI-powered tool, ‘Help Me Write’, might be the perfect solution. Originally introduced at Google I/O 2023, this new feature for Gmail will now be available for Android and iOS users, offering a faster and smarter way to draft replies.

Help Me Write: A New Writing Assistant

Help Me Write is part of a range of AI tools that Google has been developing, such as the updated Google Bard chatbot. Initially, the tool was available to a selected group of testers who were enrolled in Google’s Workspace, but it is now coming to the Gmail app on smartphones. This move suggests that we might see a wider release soon.

How Does ‘Help Me Write’ Work?

This handy tool assists in two primary ways:

It can edit an email you’ve already composed. If your email is overly wordy, Help Me Write can shorten it. If you need to sound more formal, it can do that too. Feeling fun? You can use the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option to add emojis and create a casual vibe.

Gmail “Help Me Write” is Coming – Here’s How To Get ItPin

If you’re in a rush, you can feed the tool a quick prompt, and it’ll draft the email for you. You can then make any adjustments you like, or use the tool to tweak the length and tone.

While the tool’s editing abilities have generally proven stronger than its writing, the AI can still be a valuable assistant when you’re overwhelmed with email replies.

How Can You Start Using It?

If you’re eager to use Help Me Write on your Android or iOS device, simply download the Gmail app and sign into your account linked to the Google Workspace prototype. Once logged in, you’ll see a Help Me Write prompt when you start to compose an email.

But remember, the update is still being rolled out, so even if you’re part of the Workspace Labs group, you might not immediately see the feature in your Gmail app.

Joining Google Workspace Labs

To access Help Me Write and other beta AI tools, you’ll need to join the invite-only Google Workspace Labs. After signing into your Google account, head to the Workspace Labs sign-up page, read through the details, and agree to some consumer acknowledgments before hitting ‘Submit’.

Keep in mind, though, that these are beta tools and may not always perform perfectly. It’s wise to proofread any AI-drafted emails for possible errors. Also, the AI currently uses US English, so those living in regions with different English dialects may need to do some manual editing.

Help Me Write is available inside paid-for Google Workspace accounts on Android and iOS, as well as on desktop.

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