How To Lock Your iPhone With Any Password

User guides James Peckham 15:52, 7 Jul 2014

You can now unlock your iPhone with any password you wish, here’s how to set it up

Chances are if you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll already have a 4-digit password in place to stop everyone accessing your phone. Whether it be friends, family or for extra protection in case you lose it, a passcode on your iPhone can give you that piece of mind.

What not many people know is ever since the release of iOS 4 you don’t need to just use numbers anymore. You can in fact use word passcodes (AKA passwords!).

Whilst entering in a number based passcode you can only go up to 4 digits, with the password you’re free to make it a longer affair. Here we are going to teach you how to activate the iPhone password protection.

1. Head Into Settings

You know the deal here. Inside your app drawer you’ll find a grey icon with a cog on it. This is Settings which you’ll need to open and from inside there you need to select General. Under General you’ll then need to choose Passcode Lock settings.

2. Turn Off Simple Passcode

When you head under these Settings it’s likely you’ll have Simple Passcode switched on. This ensures you only have to enter a 4-digit passcode to unlock your phone. In order to use the full keyboard though you’ll need to turn this feature off.

3. Choose Your New Password

Once you’ve turned off Simple Passcode, the iPhone Settings will allow you to enter in a new password of your choosing. Here you’ll have the full keyboard to choose from.

It means you’ve got letters, numbers and symbols to choose from. Apple has even added in the special characters so if you want to use a letter with an accent over the top, feel free. Your password will need to fall somewhere in between 5-12 characters. It can be a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols, allowing you to make the most complex and therefore most secure combinations.

4. Choose Your Other Settings

There’s a bunch of other settings you can play around with in here too, be sure to change your settings to your liking. Options include the timer of when your phone should lock or when you want the phone to erase data.

5. Check It’s Working

Now you want to lock your phone, but make sure you only do it once you’ve memorised your password. Now you can check to make sure your  password is working fine. 

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