iPhone 4 is NOT Getting iOS 8 Update

News Paul Briden 17:36, 11 Jun 2014

Apple iOS 8 will not support older models including the iPhone 4

Apple’s iOS 8 is expected for a reveal at WWDC 2014 next month, but news has emerged that not every Apple product will be eligible for the new software version.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; every time Apple launches a new software build some of its older products have their support phased out. Macworld reports that iOS 8 will see the iPhone 4S and above upgrading to the new software, meaning the now long-in-the-tooth iPhone 4 will be stuck on iOS 7. Last year Apple phased out support for the original iPad and iPhone 3GS, so it is at least sticking to a consistent pattern.

Users still on iPhone 4 handsets may find this an inconvenience, but with reports of a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5S, a reduction in price of the iPhone 4S and the likely continued reduction of the iPhone 5C there are options to upgrade to an iOS 8 compatible device without splashing out on higher storage variants of the iPhone 5S or the forthcoming iPhone 6. As usual, Apple’s next crop of devices – the iPhone 6/Air, iPhone phablet, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will carry iOS 8 on launch. The iPod 5 will also support iOS 8.

The iPhone 4 is still a popular handset, though. Last year, Localytics published figures suggesting the iPhone 4 accounted for around 20% of Apple’s market share. Granted, a lot has happened since then and many users will have now upgraded, but the figures are still rather alarming – 20% of Apple’s user base is still a pretty hefty number.

“Apple has sold 500 million iPhones,” reports ZDNet, “of which 89 percent are running iOS 7. Not offering iOS 8 on the iPhone 4 will make it harder to keep that united front which could be a pain for developers. Of course, the iOS install base remains far, far more united than the very fragmented Android universe.”

Often this phasing out is due to new software features which rely on hardware older models do not have. It’s not clear what this could be for the new iOs 8 build, but there is talk of Apple launching a new software suite at WWDC which will allow users to control various home appliances, including lights and security hardware.

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