Here are 6 actionable tips and tricks on how to do things in Discord, covering deleting your server, bolding text, sharing screens, and much more besides…

Discord is all the rage these days. Next to Slack, it is one of the most popular ways for groups of people to come together and communicate, in one place, online.

Discord is free to use, for the most part, and is HUGE in the gaming community.

But more and more people are starting to use Discord for work or professional endeavors – many brands and/or influencers now use Discord to communicate with their followers and/or fans.

If you’re new to Discord, however, there can be quite a learning curve when starting out with the platform. The platform itself, once you understand the basics, however, is simple enough to use.

But as always, you need a grasp of the basics to get started with Discord in the first place.

That’s why we put together this post.

It details how to do/perform six common tasks or processes inside Discord – from the simple stuff like bolding text and sharing your screen, to more involved processes like deleting your Discord server, streaming games and using Discord’s Go Live feature.

How To Do Stuff In Discord: The Basics…

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How To Bold Text In Discord

Formatting text is essential in some circumstances. Adding in things like Bold or Italics can help to draw attention to an important aspect of your post.

Discord has plenty of formatting settings. But they are hidden. In order to bold text or use italics in Discord, you need to use asterisks (see below for examples):

  • Italics – *italics*
  • For bold – **bold**
  • For bold Italics – ***bold italics***

For instance, say I wanted to bold sentence “this is my first post”, I’d write it like this: **this is my first post** – make sense? It’s not ideal, but that’s just the way Discord does things.

How To Share Screen In Discord

The latest version of Discord for iPhone and Android finally brought screensharing to the platform. Sharing your screen – both on desktop and on mobile – is simple too. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open Discord App > Join Voice or Video Channel
  • Tap “Screen Share” Icon
  • A Dialogue Box Will Now Appear, Follow The Instructions
  • Click “Start Now”
  • Discord Will Now Start Sharing Your Phone or PC’s Screen

Sharing your screen is really easy in Discord, just remember to switch it off when you’re finished, otherwise, everybody on the server will be able to see what you’re looking at.

How To Add Roles In Discord

Regardless of how big or new your Discord server is, it is always a good idea to have a certain amount of roles assigned to your most trusted users. This will allow for better management and communication.

You can assign all kinds of roles in Discord, and adding a new role in Discord is really simple too. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open Discord
  • Click Drop-Down Menu Next To Server Name
  • Click “Server Settings.”
  • Click “Roles”
  • Click the “+” Symbol To Add New Role

How To Ban Someone In Discord

If you have a problematic person inside your Discord server and you no longer want them to have access to your Discord, you can ban them from accessing it permanently.

To delete or ban someone from your Discord server, follow these steps exactly:

How To “Go Live” On Discord

One of the reasons why Discord is so popular is because it is so simple to streaming live events like gaming – or any time of broadcast, really.

Once you’re part of a Discord community, so you can “Go Live”, as is it referred to in Discord’s nomenclature, with just a few clicks. Here’s how you go live on Discord:

  • Open Discord on Your PC – Discord’s Go Live function ONLY works on PC
  • Open Whatever You Want To Stream, A Game, For Instance.
  • In The Bottom Left Corner, Click The “Go Live” Button – It’s Near Your Username and Avatar
  • Confirm The Voice Channel You Want To Stream On, Then Hit GO LIVE

Simple, right?

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

Bots on Discord are super helpful. These AI-powered little dudes can help you moderate your community, send welcome messages for you, and remove any troublemakers if they break your community guidelines.

And, best of all, you do not need any coding knowledge to start using bots on Discord. You can download pre-made ones to put to use inside your server with just a few clicks.

Mee6 is one of the most popular bots on Discord. With Mee6, you can do quite a bit of stuff, so we might as well start with how to download and roll out the Mee6 bot on your Discord.

Here’s how it is done:

  • Click “Add to Discord” Button
  • Enter Your Login Details To Authenticate It
  • Click “Set up MEE6” – It’s Next To Your Server Name
  • Select Server in The Pop-up > click “Continue”
  • Click “Authorize.”
  • Click the “Welcome”
  • Follow The Steps
  • You now have your first Discord bot up and running.

How To Delete Discord Server

If you’ve had enough of your server, or you cannot seem to get many people to join, and it is time to call it quits and delete the entire thing, how do you go about doing this?

Unlike Facebook, Discord makes deleting your server really simple. All you have to do is open your server > click server name > settings > delete server – it’s located in the bottom left corner.

Confirm the deletion and your Discord server will be deleted. Again, it is a very simple process. But it is permanent, so make sure you want to delete it before confirming the process!

You can download Discord and try it out for free right here.