The #1 Place To Buy Reconditioned iPads (Inc. iPad Pro Models): Best Cheap iPad Deals


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Looking to save some money on an iPad or iPad Pro? You’re in luck! Buying a brilliant reconditioned iPad has never been easier – and you’ll save a fortune in the process!

Gazelle – AKA The #1 Best Place To Buy Reconditioned iPads

Best Place To Buy Reconditioned iPads
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If you’re in the US, Gazelle is the #1 place to get refurbished iPads and iPad Pro tablets. Why? Simple: Gazelle has been in business for years and is an industry-trusted retailer with some of the best prices in the business.

If you’re looking at getting an iPad or an iPad Pro, you could save around 40-50% by getting one via Gazelle. And the units look and work like new ones – no one will know it is used. The cool thing here is that someone else has already paid for the depreciation.

You still get an amazing iPad device, just for a far more competitive price – and when you’re talking about Apple, value for money is usually very hard to come by!

Why You Should Be Looking At Reconditioned iPads and iPad Pro Tablets

Best Place To Buy Reconditioned iPads
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You Can Pick Up An iPad Pro From Gazelle For 40% Less Than Buying Direct From Apple – 40%!!! Click Here To View All The Latest Deals…

The market for reconditioned phones and tablets is huge, but sadly far too few people know about it. It’s kind of a secret, something that isn’t too popular with tech companies, as they want you to buy NEW and OFTEN. But savvy shoppers can save a lot of money going the reconditioned route when it comes to smartphones and tablets.

But here’s the thing: iPads are designed to LAST. And that means if you buy one that’s a year old, you’ll save a fortune and not notice a difference in how it performs. Most people buy a tablet and use it for a few years; they’re not like phones – they actually last.

For this reason, buying a reconditioned tablet is ALWAYS advisable if you’re looking to save some money with scrimping on quality. It’s a great consumer hack that I wish more people were aware of, as you can save a small fortune by going down this route versus buying one new from Apple.

Why You’d Buy A Reconditioned iPad

  1. To save cash – Prices are generally around 30/40% lower
  2. Let Somebody Else Take The Depreciation Hit
  3. You’re Not Bothered About The Device Being Brand New

If that sounds like you, it’s definitely time you took a look at the world of reconditioned consumer electronics.

Why Gazelle is The Best Place To Buy Reconditioned iPads

Pretty simple, really. Gazelle does it better than anybody else. Unlike eBay or Craig’s List, where you’re buying from a person, Gazelle is a business – and it operates accordingly.

All of Gazelle’s preconditioned iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Samsung phones, are “certified” which basically means they’ve all been tested and vetted before being allowed for resale. The exact process is a 30-point quality inspection that ensures the phones work and look as good as new.

You can get unlocked and carrier-branded handsets and iPads via Gazelle too; so, if you want to stick with your carrier, simply get one that is already locked to that carrier’s network. Want unlocked? No bother, there’s plenty of options for this too.

And if that wasn’t enough, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you iPad or iPhone isn’t up to scratch, you simply send it back and get a refund. Simple, right?

Best Reconditioned/Used iPad Pro Deals?

But this is just the top of the iceberg; there are WAY too many offers and deals to collate in one place.

The best thing to do is go to Gazelle and have a look around yourself. This way you’ll find exactly what you’re after.

Buy Reconditioned MacBooks, Samsung Phones & iPhones

Gazelle also sells MacBooks, iPhones and a selection of Samsung phones too, so don’t go thinking it’s limited to iPads.

Some of the MacBook deals are bloody good too; I saw one for $800, and this was for Apple’s $2000+ MacBook.

Do yourself a favor and have a gander around Gazelle’s site today.

If you’re looking for cheap iPads and iPhones (and MacBooks too), make sure you check out Gazelle – it’s our #1 recommendation for 2019. 

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