Google Pixel Update Policy: How Many Years Will Google Support Your Pixel?

Google Pixels are famous for getting the latest Android version updates first. But how long will Google update its devices? Let’s check out the Google Pixel update policy.


  • Google still leads most other brands in terms of Android version updates.
  • Google provides five years of software support for its phones.
  • All Google Pixel phones get Android version updates until three years from launch and security patches until five years from the launch.

Google has been the king of Android updates till Samsung one day decided to provide software support for its devices even longer. But Google is still the easy second in terms of providing software support for its phones.

Google Pixels, as the first-party Android device from Google, enjoys the privilege of getting Android version updates the moment Google announces it. Likewise, a bunch of Pixel phones will get the Android 14 update soon after it has been officially unveiled. In this article, let’s discuss the Google Pixel update policy and see how long these Pixel devices will be updated. 

Google Update Policy For Pixel Phones

All Google Pixel phones enjoy the same kind of software support from Google, unlike other brands that discriminate between flagships and budget phones. 

All Google Pixel phones will get guaranteed Android version updates until at least three years from the phone’s launch and guaranteed security updates until at least five years from the phone’s launch. 

Google previously only provided guaranteed Android version updates and security patches until at least three years from the device’s launch. It changed it from Pixel 6 to extend security patch support for at least five years. So all phones older than Pixel 6 get only updates till three years from launch.

Official Software Support List From Google

Take a look at the official list Google has provided on its support website for Pixels:

Phone ModelGuaranteed Android Version UpdatesGuaranteed Security Updates
Pixel FoldJune 26, 2026June 25, 2028
Pixel 7aMay 8, 2026May 7, 2028
Pixel 7 ProOctober 2025October 2027
Pixel 7October 2025October 2027
Pixel 6 ProOctober 2024October 2026
Pixel 6October 2024October 2026
Pixel 6aJuly 2025July 2027
Pixel 5a 5GAugust 2024August 2024
Pixel 5October 2023October 2023
Pixel 4a 5GNovember 2023November 2023
Pixel 4aAugust 2023August 2023
Pixel 4 XLOctober 2022October 2022
Pixel 4October 2022October 2022

From this table, and by the official software support policy from Google, Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a 5G are getting dropped, and Android 13 will be the last Android version update these phones get. 

Pixel 5, on the other hand, will get Android 14 as the last Android version update. Pixel 5a 5G’s update scenario is interesting. Google says it guarantees Android version updates till August 2024, but if Android 15 isn’t ready by August 2024, it will have to settle with Android 14 as its last Android version.

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