No Wireless Charging For OnePlus 13?

  • Rumor: OnePlus 13 may drop wireless charging.
  • Reason: To include a larger 6,000mAh battery for better battery life.
  • Fast Charging: Retains 100W wired charging.
  • Debate: Mixed reactions among users; some prioritize battery life over wireless charging convenience.
  • Personal Take: Wireless charging is nice but not essential; fast wired charging is more practical for many users.

In a surprising twist, recent rumors suggest that OnePlus may be taking a step back from wireless charging technology with its upcoming flagship model, the OnePlus 13.

This move, if true, marks a significant departure from the company’s previous strategy and could spark debate among smartphone enthusiasts.

The Trade-Off: Bigger Battery vs. Wireless Charging

According to insider reports, OnePlus is considering removing wireless charging capabilities from the OnePlus 13.

This decision is reportedly tied to the inclusion of a larger 6,000mAh battery, a substantial upgrade from its predecessors. The move appears to prioritize overall battery life over the convenience of wireless charging.

OnePlus, along with other BBK Electronics brands, has long been known for its focus on fast charging technologies, both wired and wireless. The potential removal of wireless charging from the OnePlus 13 would be a notable shift in this approach.

Fast Wired Charging Remains

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Despite the possible absence of wireless charging, the OnePlus 13 is expected to retain its impressive 100W wired charging capability. This feature ensures that users can still benefit from rapid charging and quick top-ups throughout the day.

The rumored change has already sparked discussions among tech enthusiasts and potential buyers. While some view wireless charging as a must-have feature in modern flagship smartphones, others see it as a nice-to-have addition that doesn’t significantly impact daily use.

For many users, the trade-off for a larger battery capacity might be worth losing wireless charging. In today’s fast-paced world, having a phone that lasts longer on a single charge could be more valuable than the convenience of wireless charging.

Is Wireless Charging a Deal Breaker?

The importance of wireless charging varies among users. For some, it’s an essential feature that adds convenience to their daily routine. For others, like many power users, the faster and more efficient wired charging is preferred.

Personally, I have wireless charging on my current phone, but I rarely use it. With the power efficiency of modern processors and the size of today’s batteries, getting through a full day of heavy use isn’t as challenging as it used to be.

And plus, with speedy wired charging, a quick 10 minute blast is all that’s usually needed to add in several more hours’ worth of usage.

Looking Ahead

As we await official confirmation from OnePlus, this rumor raises questions about the future direction of smartphone features. Are we seeing a shift towards prioritizing battery life over auxiliary charging methods?

Or is this potentially a one-off decision by OnePlus to get the price of the OnePlus 13 down to its usual level? Either way, whatever happens the phone itself – with or without wireless charging – is shaping up to be quite the update.


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