Backend WordPress performance gets a 15% boost, thanks to the latest WP Engine Update…

One of the most annoying things in the world, for online types, is when WordPress grinds down to a standstill. You’re trying to upload or post or edit something, and the backend editor just takes forever to do anything, eating into your precious time.

This happens all too often if you don’t have good hosting. WP Engine is one of the fastest WordPress hosts you can use, but the company’s most recent update just made things even quicker. According to a post by WP Engine, the back-end performance of WP Engine has now been improved by 15%.


What does it mean by “backend performance”? Simple: anything inside the WordPress administrative and content-editing sections. And this bump in speed also applies to aspects of the site that aren’t cacheable like membership areas and eCommerce stores.

How Did WP Engine Do This?

WP Engine’s backend speed improvements were done through several optimizations, which the company detailed on its blog:

  • Using statistical data, available to us because of our large scale, and aggregating data across more than 500,000 WordPress installations, we tuned our PHP opcode caching parameters better than the typical “best practices” values.
  • Increased the speed of both reading and writing to the WordPress Object and Transient Cache by tuning low-level protocols.
  • Tuning our PHP v7.3 docker container to eke out more speed.

What Does This Mean For You?

Simple: a more efficient work process. Less waiting around for things to load, images to upload, and content to save. And while 15% doesn’t sound like a lot, over the course of a week or a month that figure really adds up. Especially if you’re spending hours a day inside the WordPress editor.

“We are relentlessly focused on being the best platform for building and operating high-performing digital experiences on WordPress,” said WP Engine. “To fulfill this focus, it’s important to remain the leader when it comes to WordPress performance at scale, and to provide customers with a platform that helps their sites run faster, more securely, and with the reliability to grow.”

WP Engine runs on The Google Cloud and Amazon’s AWS. It rocks state of the art infrastructure, is constantly updated and provides some of the best speeds of any dedicated WordPress host on the planet right now.

WP Engine is also currently rated #1 in our Guide To The Best WordPress Hosting.

If you’re running a properly speed-optimized website or blog, adding in premium hosting from WP Engine can make a massive difference to your rankings. By improving your site’s speed, a core Google ranking factor, you will see positive uplift in your rankings. Across the board.

Speed is one of Google’s #1 ranking factors, so if you aren’t using a good WordPress host, how can you expect your site to complete with those that are? WP Engine is one of the best hosts around right now, so if you’re interested in upping your WordPress site’s performance make sure you check out its latest offers – like this one that’ll get your three months of hosting for FREE.