How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Tiny Keys? Not Anymore!

iPhone screens have gotten larger virtually every year, yet the software-based keyboard generally stays the same relative size to the screen. This means on some iPhones, certain users may find the keyboard too tiny looking. If that’s you, you’re in luck: there are a few ways you can make the iPhone keyboard bigger.

The iPhone Keyboard

The keyboard on the iPhone was one of the most revolutionary things about the device when it was introduced back in 2007. That’s because it was the first software-based touch screen keyboard on a mobile phone that you should use without a stylus.

People were absolutely amazed that, despite the original iPhone’s tiny screen and tiny keyboard, their fat fingers could accurately hit the individual keys. It truly was a groundbreaking piece of software engineering at the time.

And the iPhone’s keyboard has only gotten better and better in the years since. Matter of fact, now you can even install other third-party software keyboards on the iPhone too. This is an important point we’ll come back to in a sec.

All that being said, some people have trouble reading the symbols on the keys of the iPhone keyboard. Thankfully, the iPhone does have one built-in way to make the keys easier to read.

How To Make Your iPhone Keyboard Bigger

How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Tiny Keys? Not Anymore!Pin

There is no specific keyboard setting in iOS that allows you to increase the size of the keyboard key alone. You can verify this yourself by going to Settings > General > Keyboard. There’s a lot of keyboard settings, but none for increasing key size.

However, iOS does offer an accessibility feature that can make everything on your screen appear larger–including the keyboard. This accessibility feature is called Display Zoom. The feature allows you to increase the size of everything on your iPhone display. You enable it by doing the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Display & Brightness.
  3. Under the Display Zoom heading, tap View.
  4. On the next screen, tap Zoomed.

You’ll then see all elements of the iPhone UI appear larger–including the keyboard.

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Use Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Remember how we mentioned above that iOS now allows for third-party keyboards? This means you can add different types of keyboards to your iPhone. Third-party keyboards can really add extra functionality to your iPhone. Popular third-party keyboards include Grammarly, Microsoft’s SwiftKey, and google’s Gboard.

But there are also third-party keyboards that feature larger keys. If you use one of these, you don’t need to do the Display Zoom mentioned above. Here are some third-party keyboards that have larger buttons.

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XL Keyboard

How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Tiny Keys? Not Anymore!Pin

XL Keyboard official app description: “Designed to resemble the standard keyboard with extra large keys. Change the size of the keyboard, select any existing system language for spelling suggestions and autocorrect and choose the keyboard layout you like.”

TuneKey – Key Size & Finger Scope

How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Tiny Keys? Not Anymore!Pin

TuneKey official app description: “The new way of typing with finger scope. Easier typing with the small smartphone keys with the patent pending TuneKey app. Easier typing is possible because of the new finger scope between the keys which above all can be enlarged.

“With the standard smartphone keys typing on the wrong key often happens, especially with larger fingers. This is because the touch surfaces, the active non-visible parts of the standard keys that are sensitive to touch, lie against each other. This is also the case when the standard keys are visually smaller. With TuneKey the touch surfaces of the smaller keys do not lie against each other. There is just space between the touch surfaces. In this way the fingers have scope around a key and hit much less a wrong key. The smaller the settings of the TuneKey keys the larger these finger scopes between the touch surfaces are. Then it is easier to type with smaller keys, especially with larger fingers. This is what TuneKey does remarkably better, confirmed with beta testers.”

Big Keys Keyboard

How To Make iPhone Keyboard Bigger: Tiny Keys? Not Anymore!Pin

Big Keys Keyboard official app description: “Finally a keyboard you can see! And with emojis! Big Keys is a unique keyboard made for you to easily see all the keys. You can resize the key and emoji sizes to make it the perfect size for you.”

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